Creating an Activity on GaggleAMP to Help Employees Become TikTok Influencers



Brands are desperate to get their employees engaged on TikTok and we completely understand why. TikTok is available today in over 154 countries and has over 1 Billion users, making TikTok one of the fastest growing social media networks in the world. 

Part of the attractiveness of TikTok is its snack-sized content, which is highly attractive to its core user base — nearly 70% of users are between the ages of 10 and 39, according to Statista. And creators love the social media giant because TikTok has invested in relationships with their influencers, creating a $1 Billion Creator Fund to effectively pay creators for solid performing content.

With so much exposure on the line, it’s no wonder customers want to incorporate TikTok into their social media marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at how a Gaggle Manager can leverage the TikTok Video activity, and what TikTok users will need to know when completing these activities.

How to Connect Your TikTok Account to GaggleAMP

Just like any of the other social media networks, a Member will need to connect their TikTok account to GaggleAMP in order to complete a TikTok Video activity.

To connect an account, open up your Account Settings page.


Then click on “My Social Accounts”.



Clicking ‘Add’ within the TikTok row will open the TikTok authorization window where you’ll authorize the connection to your GaggleAMP account.


You will need to select ‘Authorize’ to finalize the connection. 

Note: Just like the other social media network connections, GaggleAMP cannot and will not ever post content on your behalf without permission. In fact, TikTok further enforces this notion by allowing GaggleAMP to go no further than 'Staging' the Activity's Video to your account. To finalize the share to your network, you can move the video from 'Staged' to 'Shared' via the TikTok mobile app.

Visit Understanding Social Network Permissions for more information.

How to Create a TikTok Video Activity on GaggleAMP

From under the ‘Activities tab in your GaggleAMP Manager view select ‘New Activity.


Scroll down until you see ‘TikTok Video’ located under ‘Other Social Networks.’ Select ‘Create.’


A ‘New Activity’ popup will appear. Here you will add the details for your TikTok activity and upload the video to be shared.


The video can be attached here by either dragging and dropping the video into the input box, or by clicking the boxed area marked ‘Add Your Video,’ which will then connect you to your device to locate and add the video.

All video uploads must meet TikTok’s video requirements, which include:

  • Video format: MP4 or WebM
  • Size: 50MB or less
  • Length: Between 3 and 60 seconds
  • Resolution: At least 540p

Note: If you are a creator with access to a longer length of time, it is not accommodated here. The TikTok API restrictions require the length of the video to meet these parameters.

When creating the activity, the video and instructions are the only mandatory fields, however, you can use the other fields present to narrow or refine your audience, and even define when the activity can be completed.

  1. Instructions (required): The default is ‘Share this video on TikTok’ but you can also use this space to tell your audience more about the video and why you want them to complete the activity. 
  2. Post to Channels: You can choose to only post this activity to only specific Channels. 
    1. If you leave this field blank, all Members in your program will have access to your TikTok Video activity.
    2. If you only select Private Channels, only Members of those channels will have access to this TikTok Video activity. 
  3. Start/End Time: Choose the Start and End date based on when you want your activity to be completed. For the start time, if you do not select a date, it will be an activity that is available to your Members within a few minutes. Likewise, the end time is when the activity ends. At that time, the activity will expire and will no longer be displayed on the Member's activity listing.

Note: The ‘Start’ and ‘End’ times are based on the configured time zone of the manager creating the activity at the time of creation. Other Managers and Members will see these times converted in their configured time zones.

  1. Points: Each activity can be assigned a point value that contributes to the leaderboard and rewards (should you use rewards). Points will be awarded to users at the time they complete the activity and stage the video to their TikTok accounts.
  2. Campaign: If you leverage grouping your activities into Campaigns, use the drop-down menu to select the campaign that this activity supports. The TikTok Video activity can be featured and enabling this will position the post at the top of the Member's activities feed.

Once you are happy with the activity creation, it’s time to send this TikTok Video activity to your Members to perform!

Interacting With a TikTok Video Activity as a Member.

Once the TikTok Video activity has been posted, it will appear in the Member activity feed.

In the instance that you have already connected your TikTok account, you will see the button on the activity that says ‘Send to TikTok.’


In the instance you have not already connected your TikTok account, the activity will prompt you to ‘Add Your Account & Send.’


This will deliver you the same instructions for connecting your account as you see in this article and will be required to be connected before this activity can be completed.

You might notice the execution of these activities behaves a little differently than other activities. 

Typically when an Activity is performed, a new post, tweet, or content activity is completed at the time the activity is performed, either immediately or on schedule (ex: a retweet on Twitter occurs right as you hit the button).

TikTok is different in that a final action must be taken within the TikTok app in order for the video to be shared. 

By performing a TikTok Video activity within GaggleAMP, what the Member is actually doing is uploading the video to their TikTok account in a staging environment. When the Member attempts to perform the TikTok Video activity, GaggleAMP will remind them there are additional steps to take on their own TikTok account, as shown in the notification shown below.


Once that video has been uploaded to the Member's TikTok account, it has been staged, not posted to TikTok. The Member will need to open their TikTok mobile app to complete the activity. Here a Member will need to review the notifications in their TikTok inbox and locate the video activity from GaggleAMP.

The Member will select that activity and follow the prompts as seen below to take this video from staging to posted on their TikTok account.


Note: If you have assigned a point value to the completion of this activity, the points are awarded when the Member performs the activity from within their GaggleAMP Feed. This means the points will be rewards independent of the Member finalizing and sharing the video via the TikTok app. Since it is required a Member completes the activity within their own TikTok account, it is an API restriction to allow GaggleAMP to do this on their behalf. This is why points are awarded when the activity is executed in the GaggleAMP platform and not at the time the TikTok video is posted. 

Once your Member has completed the share of the video on TikTok, you’re all set!


From the Mobile home screen, a Member can simply click ‘Send to TikTok’ from their Activities list. This will then take the TikTok Member through the same series of prompts listed above until the TikTok video has been posted.


Still have questions? Contact your Customer Success Manager or Submit a Support Ticket and we’d be happy to help!

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