Understanding Social Network Permissions



In order for you to complete activities within GaggleAMP, you need to connect your social networks. By indicating you want to perform an activity from the GaggleAMP platform, you are granting permission for GaggleAMP to have access to certain permissions in order to perform the activity, provide analytics on the performance of the activity, or to award points via gamification for the performance of an activity.

Here’s what you need to know about the permissions for your favorite social media networks.


Twitter Permissions




This Application will be able to:

  • See Tweets from your timeline (including protected Tweets) as well as your Lists and collections.

  • See your Twitter profile information and account settings. This is what allows you to share content from the Gaggle to your Twitter account. 

  • See accounts you follow, mute, and block. This function helps calculate your total reach of a tweet on the GaggleAMP analytics and also helps facilitate the ‘Follow’ activity in GaggleAMP.

  • Follow and unfollow accounts for you. GaggleAMP and your Gaggle Manager use the total number of followers to calculate the total reach of content to see how large of a group it is reaching. Your manager can also make an action available in the Gaggle for you to follow certain new people. It also allows you to perform a ‘Follow’ activity from the GaggleAMP platform.

  • Update your profile and account settings.

  • Post and delete Tweets for you, and engage with Tweets posted by others (Like, un-Like, or reply to a Tweet, Retweets, etc.) for you. This allows you to share tweets on your timeline and engage with other people’s tweets through GaggleAMP. GaggleAMP will only hare tweets that you schedule and engage with other people’s tweets based on the activities you execute on the GaggleAMP platform.

  • Create, manage, and delete Lists and collections for you. GaggleAMP has an activity to ‘Follow List’ which a Gaggle Manager may serve to a Member when they want them to follow a list on Twitter.

  • Mute, block, and report accounts for you.


To learn more about third-party apps and log in sessions, visit the Twitter Help Center.

LinkedIn Permissions




GaggleAMP would like to:

  • Use your name and photo. This allows GaggleAMP and your Gaggle Manager to have greater insight into who is a Member of the Gaggle.

  • Create, modify, and delete posts, comments, and reactions on your behalf. This is how you are able to complete "Share", "Comment", or "Like" activities on LinkedIn. GaggleAMP will not share anything or engage with a post unless you decide to. 

  • Retrieve your posts, comments, reactions. and other engagement data. This is how you are able to complete LinkedIn activities that post new updates as you. GaggleAMP will only share the posts that you select and will only report on engagement data in aggregate.

  • Use your 1st-degree connections' data. This is used to allow GaggleAMP and your Gaggle Manager to see the total number of connections you have. This gives your Manager insight into the total reach of content to see how large of a group it is seen by.

  • Manage your organizations' pages and retrieve reporting data. This is how GaggleAMP is able to perform activities in regards to your company pages and/or report interactions on your company pages.

  • Retrieve your organization’s posts, comments, reactions, and other engagement data. This is how GaggleAMP is able to report on your interactions with your organizations company posts.

  • Create, modify, and delete posts, comments, and reactions on your organization’s behalf. This is how you are able to complete "Share", "Comment", or "Like" activities on a LinkedIn company page. GaggleAMP will not share anything or engage with a post unless you decide to. 


To learn more about the visibility of your LinkedIn profile data as it applies to third-party applications, please visit the LinkedIn Help Center.


Facebook and Instagram Permissions




Facebook and Instagram require that you authorize your account using a two-step process. The first step authorizes your personal profile and the second grants permissions to manage your pages.


Facebook Profiles

  • Your name and profile picture, email address, timeline posts, or friends list. This allows GaggleAMP to display your Facebook profile, compare the posts you shared from GaggleAMP and your feed, and estimate your shared content’s potential reach.


Facebook and Instagram Pages

  • Profile and Posts from the Instagram account connected to your GaggleAMP account.

  • Create Posts in your Instagram account.

  • Perform Comment activities for the accounts connected to your Page.

  • Post content you have approved in GaggleAMP on your behalf.

  • Read content posted on the Page.

  • Manage account settings.

  • Read user content on your Page.

  • Create and manage content for your Page.


Learn more about the data you share with third-party apps on the Facebook Help Center or Instagram Help Center.


TikTok Permissions



TikTok requires you to authorize your account to allow a connection with GaggleAMP.

Note: Just like the other social media network connections, GaggleAMP cannot and will not ever post content on your behalf without permission. In fact, TikTok further enforces this notion by allowing GaggleAMP to go no further than 'Staging' the Activity's Video to your account. To finalize the share to your network, you can move the video from 'Staged' to 'Shared' via the TikTok mobile app.


By authorizing the connection, GaggleAMP would like to:

  • Read your profile info (avatar, display name). This allows GaggleAMP to read which profile has posted a TikTok video sent from GaggleAMP
  • Read your public videos on TikTok. This allows GaggleAMP to identify if you have posted a video sent from GaggleAMP.
  • Publish videos to Tiktok. This allows GaggleAMP to 'stage' a video on TikTok.

To learn more about the data you share with third-party apps, visit TikTok Account and Privacy Settings or the TikTok Privacy Policy.

GaggleAMP can help you become an employee influencer on TikTok. Learn more at Creating an Activity on GaggleAMP to Help Employees Become TikTok Influencers.


Frequently Asked Questions:


“It seems like I am granting a lot of access to my social media profiles to use GaggleAMP. Can you explain in simpler terms what GaggleAMP cannot see on my social media networks?”

Absolutely! First and foremost, your social media networks are just that — your social media networks. When you permit GaggleAMP the ability to act on your behalf within a social platform, GaggleAMP serves as an authorized intermediary between your expressed intention to take action and the execution of that action. For example, when you click a GaggleAMP Activity's "Like on LinkedIn" button, GaggleAMP will officially register your "Like" on the appropriate LinkedIn post.


GaggleAMP cannot, will not, and does not:

  • See, engage with, or look at any content on your social networks we did not post that is not public (e.g. Twitter is public  — anyone can see your Tweets, but Facebook is not public)
  • See your friends list
  • See what you post on your private social networks
  • Engage as you or see what you express in a private Channel like you would find on Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Have no access to your private conversations or direct messages
  • Impersonate you in any way


GaggleAMP will pull in performance details on an Activity in aggregate, meaning if ten people in the organization all share the same Activity, we will report an aggregate number of people reached, interactions on the post, etc. Your employer cannot pin-point this back to you and your network.

"I am concerned about my employer seeing my social media networks. Can they see what I do on social media?"

We can certainly understand that concern. GaggleAMP is a platform that is being purchased by your company and managed by a coworker, or possibly even yourself. By granting access to your social media accounts for GaggleAMP to post on your behalf, you still must opt-in to every Activity. This means you have full control over what is posted to your social media networks and when. 



  • Your Gaggle Manager only sees in aggregate the performance of the Activities completed (or rejected)
  • While your Gaggle Manager can see if you have a network connected or expired, they cannot log in as you
  • GaggleAMP cannot look at any of your private social media activities, and your Gaggle Manager cannot use GaggleAMP to do so either
  • Your company cannot use GaggleAMP to see the pages you follow, what groups you interact with, the friends you follow, or the content you post to a private network via the GaggleAMP platform
  • Your Gaggle Manager cannot log in as you
  • No password information is ever shared with your employer


"If I am connecting my social media network to GaggleAMP, am I sharing my password or login credentials to you or my employer?"

No, you are not. You never actually provide your password to GaggleAMP, that’s all handled entirely within the social media platform. The authorization to act on your behalf is maintained via secret tokens only known to GaggleAMP and the social platform. Your employer cannot use GaggleAMP to access your login credential or social media networks.


"I previously connected a social media account to GaggleAMP but I no longer want GaggleAMP to post on the account’s behalf. Can I remove the connection?"

You sure can! Simply click your avatar icon in the upper right corner of the GaggleAMP platform, click ‘Account Settings,' and select ‘My Social Accounts’ from the top navigation bar. To remove authorization to a particular social media account, simply click ‘remove.’ Should you choose to re-add it at a later time, you can do so from this same location.


"I clicked the 'Send to TikTok' activity in GaggleAMP but my video was never posted on TikTok. Why is that?"

Once you have executed an activity on GaggleAMP, or "clicked the send to TikTok button," there is still one additional step that needs to be completed inside the TikTok app. This button simply stages the content in TikTok and the final action, to post the video, needs to be completed from the TikTok app. Here you will need to review the notifications in your TikTok inbox and locate the video activity from GaggleAMP to post.

If you need help finding this step, visit our knowledge base article on completing the TikTok Video activity.


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