How Do I Find the Name of My Gaggle Manager or Gaggle Customer Success Manager?


Have you ever had a question or issue but weren’t sure who to ask? Whether you are a Gaggle Member with a question or a Gaggle Manager who needs to reach their Customer Success Manager, this question will come up! That’s why we’ve created Gaggle POCs — the point of contact necessary for both Members and Managers found within your GaggleAMP account.

Locating Your Points of Contact

There are two important contacts you’ll find in your GaggleAMP account:

  1. Contact Gaggle Managers - seen by both Gaggle Managers and Members
  2. Your Customer Success Manager - seen only by Gaggle Managers

These can be found under the drop-down menu next to the question mark.


“Contact Gaggle Managers” Option

All Members and Managers will have access to the contact information found here, but this will be best used with Gaggle Members

When selecting this option, it shows a popup containing the name, title, email address, and optional ‘additional info’ for chosen Gaggle Managers. Some programs only have one Gaggle Manager so only one contact might be found. Other programs have numerous Gaggle Managers, which show you who to contact about your program.


Managing and Declaring “Member Contacts”

Note: If you are not a Gaggle Manager, feel free to skip the remainder of this article as it pertains to Gaggle Manager settings.

As a Gaggle Manager, especially those with a number of Gaggle Managers supporting your program, not every Gaggle Manager needs to be (or should be) a point of contact. Points of contact should be best reserved for Gaggle Managers who are most equipped to answer Member questions.

To locate and identify your Gaggle Manager points of contact, navigate to Gaggle Settings and select ‘Member Contact Admin’ from the navigation menu.


There are two sections on this page: “Gaggle Managers” and “Communication Information.” The “Gaggle Managers” list shows all Gaggle Managers in your program. You’ll notice that there is a column called “Display as Member Contact” — if there is a green checkmark, their name will appear as a point of contact for your company. A red ‘X’ means they will not be shown as a point of contact.


This flag can be controlled for each Manager by clicking the three dots under the Actions column. Here you can:

  • Hide as Member Contact - this contact will not be listed as a point of contact and gives the Gaggle Manager the red ‘X’
  • Display as Member Contact - this makes a Gaggle Manager a point of contact and a green check
  • Edit Additional Info - you can declare details of how the point of contact wants to be contacted or for what elements of your program they serve as a point of contact

Communication Information is located at the bottom of these settings and allows the Gaggle Manager to control additional narratives found in the ‘Contact Gaggle Managers’ popup. 

Can I Add a New Manager as a Member Contact When I Add Them to GaggleAMP?

Of course! When you add the new Member to your program, you’ll have the ability to make them a point of contact upon adding them to the program.  

To do this, navigate to the Members tab from the Gaggle Manager side and select ‘Add Managers.’


As you are entering their credentials, you’ll see a yes/no toggle for ‘Include this Manager as a Member Contact.’


Selecting ‘yes’ here will flag the new Manager as a Member point of contact, adding them to the list in the popup for ‘Contact Gaggle Managers.’

“Your Customer Success Manager” Option

The contact your Customer Success Manager option is shown only to those designated as a Gaggle Manager. Selecting this option from the Support drop-down menu will show a popup with the contact details for your Customer Success Manager here at GaggleAMP.



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