How to Edit an Activity in Your Gaggle


When you are completing activities in your Gaggle, have you ever thought to yourself “I would say that differently” or wished that you could add your own flair and flavor to the post? You can — in many circumstances — customize the text in your Activities to be better aligned with how you speak and communicate to your audience. Let’s take a look at how to edit an activity in your Gaggle.

Are all Activities Editable?

First and foremost, it’s imperative that you understand that not all activities can be edited. In some instances, there is simply no text to edit and rather just an action to complete (e.g. like a post on LinkedIn or retweet a tweet). And in other instances where there is text to edit, like a LinkedIn Share activity, your Gaggle Manager may not have made it editable. We’ll go more into that below.

How Do I Know When I Can Edit an Activity?

In the instance you have an activity that can be edited or requires an appended or prepended message, you will be made aware when reviewing your Activities page. To navigate to this view, simply log into GaggleAMP and go to  ‘Things To Do.’


Here you will see all of the Activities available to you to execute. In this example, you see two activities — ’Share on LinkedIn’ and ‘Click To Comment’


The ‘Share on LinkedIn’ activity has nothing to edit — it is simply performing an action — but the ‘Click To Comment ’ activity can ‘edit & schedule’ this content. This is editable for either of the two reasons or both the reasons must be true:

1. There is text required in the activity, meaning it is not simply performing an action and

2. Your Gaggle Manager has given you the ability to edit this post.

The ability to edit the post is fully controlled by your Gaggle Manager. Not all activities with text will be editable, so not all text activities will have the option to ‘edit and schedule’ an activity.

How Do I Edit an Activity?

When ‘edit & schedule’ is available on an activity, you have the ability to add your own flair to the post. Click ‘edit & schedule.’ This will open a slide-over. In the instance your Gaggle Manager has allowed for full editing, you will see the screen below. In this instance, you will see the text that originally was presented in the activity appears in an editable box, as shown below, and it is fully modifiable.


In the text box, you are free to change the text provided or write your own text if it is empty. 

In the instance your Gaggle Manager has allowed for ‘adding text,’ the same slide-over will appear. In this instance, the post requires you to add text. 

Note: Interested in @ mentioning a company’s LinkedIn profile? You can do that from here, too. Learn more about how to use the mention feature with your GaggleAMP activities. 

Once you have edited/written the message the way you see fit, you can select ‘Share’ to share the activity immediately or use the schedule activity section to schedule for it later.

What Does Append and Prepend Activity Editing Mean?

Some activities will give you the ability to append or prepend text associated with the activity. In these instances, your Gaggle Manager is serving this activity and is encouraging you to:

  • Prepend Message: The text you provide here will appear before the text provided by your Gaggle Manager. 
  • Append Message: Your added content will appear after the text provided by your Gaggle Manager.

These are found on LinkedIn Share, LinkedIn Photo, and LinkedIn Video activities of which the Gaggle Manager has ‘Allowed adding text?’ to these activities. This allows you to add your own perspective on an activity, or your own spin on thoughts, before sharing them with your own audience. 

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