Encourage Genuine and Unique Engagement Using The Question Activity





The ‘Question’ activity can be used for both LinkedIn and Twitter.


With these activities, the Gaggle Manager poses a question for their users to answer in a message or a tweet. These activities can be a great way to engage your employees further and to get their perspective on a blog post, company initiative, event, or more.

Many Gaggle Managers use the ‘Question’ activity to help create unique points of view and perspectives throughout their organization. Here are some questions that can be used within your organization.


☑️ Promoting An Event

  • What speaker you are most excited to hear from during [event name]?

  • We have a Facebook Live next week. Can you tell your network why they should tune in?

  • We’re loving (#EventHashTag)! What has been your favorite part of the event? Answer the question in your tweet and be sure to include the event hashtag.

  • Are you at [event name]? If so, let your followers know and tell them you are here! Take a photo of the stand or people interacting and tell everyone where they can find you.

  • What are the key reasons someone should care about [webinar topic], and why should they watch our upcoming webinar?

☑️ Comment on a Promoted Post or Existing Post

  • Do you agree that establishing trust is the biggest challenge facing us in [your industry]? If not, what do you see as being the biggest challenge to overcome? [Include a link to the article you are referencing].

  • What is your biggest takeaway from the [State of the Industry] report? Send your advocates to your promoted post to boost visibility.

☑️ Provide Thoughts on Industry News

  • It seems social networks are jumping on the 'Stories' bandwagon. Does this change the way you interact with a brand?

  • [Company A and Company B] are merging. What good (or bad) things could this mean for our industry?

☑️ Promote a Piece of Content

  • [Make it your own] Read the article and answer - why is our approach to 'X' so valuable for customers?

  • What did you like most about this blog post?

  • [Name] was featured on this podcast. What did you hear that you liked most? Be sure to share the link to the podcast [URL].

☑️ Let People Know You’re Hiring

  • What are your three favorite things about working for [your company name]?

  • What is the most exciting thing about working here? After you answer the question, be sure to say something like, “Want to join us?" with a link to our careers page.

☑️ Crowd Source Employee Feedback

  • Happy Monday! How do you start your work week strong?

  • How agile do you think we are as an organization?

  • What do you like about [company name]?

  • Why do you think working at [Company name] is great? Answer this question in a tweet (and share our new Best Workplaces award).

☑️ Ask for Community Content

  • How does this video make you feel? Share your sentiments and this video on your timeline.

  • Were you at the 5K on Sunday? What did you love the most? Share your experience!

  • Did you participate in our company-wide community service event? Post your pictures and videos and use the hashtag #EventName.

  • Show us that home office! Share your workspace and what you love most about it.

  • Have you figured out a work-from-home hack? Share your secret and why it works for you.


A step-by-step tutorial on the ‘Question’ Activity can be found on our Knowledge Base.

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