How to Use the ‘Question’ Activity on LinkedIn or Twitter


The ‘Question’ activity is available for both LinkedIn and Twitter and is very helpful in creating customized content. It allows you to ask your Gaggle Members a question, and their responses become the content of the tweet or LinkedIn post. These activities can be a great way to engage your employees further and to get their perspective on a blog post, company initiative, event, or more.

Why Would You Want To Use the ‘Question’ Activity?

There are several reasons why a manager would want to use the ‘Question’ activity feature: highlighting a unique voice, varying voice while leveraging the same topic, and creating a more authentic engagement with a piece of content.

Using ‘Question’ activities


Note: Shown below is the ‘Question’ activity for LinkedIn - the process is identical for Twitter and provides the same output, just in a Tweet on Twitter versus a Post on LinkedIn.

From the Manager View in GaggleAMP ‘Home’ or ‘Activities’ section click on ‘New Activity’ in the upper right-hand corner.


Scroll down to the ‘LinkedIn Section’ or ‘Twitter Section’ to find the ‘Question’ activity for the platform you wish to create this activity for.

For LinkedIn


For Twitter


Shown below is the process for the LinkedIn Question - the process is identical for both questions.

Click the ‘Create’ button on your chosen activity. It will open a popup for you to write the question.


When creating the activity, there are a number of items you can include in the Question. Not all fields are mandatory but can be helpful.

  1. Question: This is the question that you want members of your program to answer. The Question written here will not be shown on LinkedIn (or Twitter).
  2. Recommended Link: If you want to show a link alongside the response to the question, add the URL of the item here. A good example of using this would be a link to the Careers page on your website when asking your Members the Question “What do you like about working at [your company]?”
  3. Recommended Photo or Video: If you want to recommend a photo or video to your members to share alongside their response to your question add the item here.

    Note: Photos can be jpg or png and up to 10MB in size, and videos need to be MP4, size 200MB or less, or a maximum of 1800 seconds long.
  4. Recommended Hashtag: Use this field to pre-populate a hashtag that will be shown in the response to the question. Note: The Member will have the option to toggle off the recommended hashtag when curating their response.
  5. Send to Member Groups: If you would like the question to be sent to all Members in your Gaggle, leave this field blank. However, if you would like to position this Question to only specific Member Groups, you can choose which Member Groups will receive this question here. An example of a Member Group might be Executive Leadership, Sales Teams, Product Managers, or many others.
  6. Post to Channels: Like the Member Groups, you can choose only to post this Question to members of specific Channels.
    • If you leave this field blank, all Members in your program will receive this Question to answer.
    • If you select specific Channels, only Members of those channels will receive this Question to answer.
    • If you select both ‘Send to Member Groups’ and ‘Post to Channels,’ for a Member to see the activity, they need to be in both the Member Group and the Channel.
  7. Start/End Time: Choose the Start and End date based on when you want your Question to be answered. For the start time, if you do not select a date, it will be an activity that is immediately available. Likewise, the end time is when the activity ends. At that time, the activity will expire and will no longer be available for execution.

    Note: The ‘Start’ and ‘End’ times are based on the configured time zone of the manager creating the activity at the time of creation. Other Managers and Members will see these times converted in their configured time zones.

  8. Points: Each activity can be assigned a point value that contributes to points for the leaderboard. Please note that points for Twitter cannot be claimed for any rewards.
  9. Campaign: If you leverage grouping your activities into Campaigns, use the drop-down menu to select the campaign that this activity supports.
  10. Enable Tracking / Feature Activity: The ‘Question’ activity can be used without tracking or featuring an activity being checked. Should you check ‘Enable Tracking,’ GaggleAMP will track the performance of this post. Should you check ‘Feature Activity,’ it will position the post at the top of the Members Activities feed.

Interacting with a ‘Question’ activity as a Member

Once a Question has been posted, it will appear in the Member Activities feed should the Member choose to do this activity, simply click ‘Respond on LinkedIn’ (or ‘Respond on Twitter’). Question-activity-respond.png

A slider will appear on the right side of the screen.


From here, the Member can choose to respond to the Question asked. 


  1. Respond on LinkedIn (or Respond on Twitter):In this space, the Member will write their response to the Question that was asked by the Manager. The hashtag will be automatically added to the response from the Member unless the Member unchecks ‘Include recommended hashtag.’
  2. Include URL: The recommended URL provided by the Manager will appear here for the member to reference. This is helpful when the Member needs to read the contents of the URL before formulating a response. A Member can also choose not to include the link to the content on their Linkedin (or Twitter) post.
  3. Include Recommended Media: The recommended media provided by the Manager will appear here for the member to see. It can be a photo or a video and the member can review the video before posting it. A Member can also choose not to include the link to the content on their Linkedin (or Twitter) post.
  4. Schedule an Activity Set Up: The default toggle is turned off and the content will immediately appear as a Post on the Members LinkedIn page. If the Member wants to Schedule an Activity, toggle the switch and select either the Default Schedule or choose a time and date.
  5. Schedule the Activity: At a minimum, the Respond on LinkedIn (or Respond on Twitter) prompt must be filled out in order to make this item shareable.

New SS 2_April 2023.png

The employee can optionally use the mention feature to tag your company. 


A Member from the Mobile home screen can simply click ‘Respond on LinkedIn’ from the ‘My Feed’ section.


This will take the members to a new tab where they can type their response and click ‘Share’. However, please note that even though the question appears on the member’s screen here, only their response to the question will be posted on LinkedIn, not the question.


Display of the ‘Question’ Activity on LinkedIn or Twitter

Once the Member has generated a response and scheduled their content, it will appear on LinkedIn (or Twitter) at the scheduled time and date.

Using the example above, you’ll see the Member's response to the Manager's question becomes a post on LinkedIn or Tweet on Twitter. The URL given by the Manager and included by the Member remains on the post, too.


Using the ‘Question’ activity on GaggleAMP helps promote content with the voice of your team. It appears on the social network like native content even though it is curated in GaggleAMP.


Prompts to Use With the Twitter and LinkedIn Question Activities

Let’s face it, sometimes it helps to see the common questions other Gaggle Managers ask their Members when using the Question Activity activity. Here’s a handy list of questions you can use when facing a brain stump or having a case of the Fridays.

Prompts for Using the 'Post a Question' Activity with GaggleAMP.

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