Using the Mention Feature With Your GaggleAMP Activities



As a Gaggle Manager, you understand the power behind the ability to @ mention other businesses. It helps generate social awareness and can be used in a number of scenarios like tagging a co-participant in a webinar or podcast, bringing awareness to a company featured in a case study or quote, or even offering a recommendation of a service another business might provide. The uses are endless!


Let’s take a look at how to use the mention feature in GaggleAMP.


How Does the Mention Feature Work in GaggleAMP?

First and foremost, the mention feature can only be used on LinkedIn at this time. Activity types that support the mention feature include:

When a mention is used in the activity, the Member will see the name of the mentioned company linked in the activity. Should the Member choose to click the hyperlink, they will be directed to the referenced company’s LinkedIn page. Once the Member shares the activity, the mention will appear on the Member’s LinkedIn post as a mention with a clickable hyperlink. LinkedIn also notifies the tagged company’s page owners of the mention.

How Do I Include a Mention in an Activity?

To use the mention feature, you’ll first need to start with a LinkedIn Share, Photo, or Video activity type. For help with these activity types, please refer to the following step-by-step tutorials.



As you are creating any of these activity types, you can include a company mention by copying the URL of the intended company’s LinkedIn page, then simply pasting it after an ‘@’ symbol in the message field. When a valid URL is recognized, GaggleAMP will shorten it to display only the company name and highlight the text in green. If the highlighted text is red or the URL does not change to the company’s name, that means a LinkedIn company page has not been found.




:pencil2: Note: Due to LinkedIn restrictions prohibiting access to individual LinkedIn data, this feature only works for LinkedIn company mentions. If you enter an individual’s Linkedin profile URL, our system will search for it as a company on LinkedIn and fail to register it as an official mention.


How Does This Activity Look to Your Gaggle Members?

Once you have created your activity, it’s up to your Members to perform the activity. 


Your Gaggle Members will know when an activity has a mention in the text because the company name will be hyperlinked. A Member may choose to click the link to verify where the link leads before choosing to post it on their LinkedIn page. 




The activity will remain active regardless of checking the linked attributes and will not show as performed until they have selected the ‘Share on LinkedIn’ button.


How Does This Activity Look Once Performed?

Once the Gaggle Member has performed the LinkedIn activity, it will be live on LinkedIn. You’ll see when the post is live, the mentioned company appears in blue and bold, just like any other mention you see on LinkedIn. This will behave just like any other mention and, when clicked, will route the end viewer to the tagged company.




If you are also the admin to your company’s LinkedIn page, this mention will appear in your activity feed. Selecting ‘Join Conversation’ will take you to the mentioned post so that you can engage with the post.




:pencil2: Note: This first release only allows Gaggle Managers to include mentions in LinkedIn Share, LinkedIn Photo, and LinkedIn Video activities at this time. The mention feature does not allow Members to include companies mentioned on the LinkedIn Question or LinkedIn Re-Share activities.


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