How Do Gaggle Managers Edit Live and Scheduled Activities?


We’ve all been there — your beboppin’ to some stellar late 90’s hip hop, scheduling your Gaggle content, and you spot an activity with a spelling mistake, broken link, or some sort of off-brand faux pas.

Wait, just me…surely, no :)

It’s easy enough to right your wrong and undo that scheduled content. Let’s take a look at how to do that.

Locating Your Activities List

First and foremost, you need to be a Gaggle Manager to expire or edit an activity. Members have the ability to simply refuse an Activity but Gaggle Managers need to have the ability to expire, or edit them, globally.

Now that we have that settled, Gaggle Managers should proceed to the Activities tab and Activities List from the Manager view. Here you will be met with a full list of all Activities that have been created in your Gaggle.


If you need to undo or edit an activity that was not recently created, you can use the drop-down at the top of this list to sort for the Activity or can use the Search Activity bar. Activities are listed in the order they are 'Started On' so if you future schedule posts, you might need to scroll down a bit for something that posts today.

Once you have located the Activity that you need to adjust, select the gear icon under the ‘Actions’ section to select either ‘Expire Activity’ or ‘Edit Activity.’


Expire Activity or Edit Activity: Which Do You Need?

GaggleAMP offers you the ability to either expire an activity or edit an activity. The differences are pretty straightforward:

  • Expire Activity: When you expire an activity, that means it will no longer be available to be completed by any Members. The only record of it ever existing would be from the Members that performed the Activity while it was still active. If it was never active, then it's like it never existed.
  • Edit Activity: If you select ‘edit activity,’ a pop-up window will appear where you can make the edits you need. Then just simply save the activity and your changes will be applied.

Keep in mind that performed Activities cannot be recalled, even when editing or expiring an Activity from the Manager interface. That said, Activities scheduled by a Member to be performed can still be expired, so long as that happens before it’s actually performed. 

Can I Stop ALL Activities From Being Performed?

Yes, of course.

We recognize sometimes you simply need to pause all activities from being performed. Should you have this specific need, click on the image in the upper right-hand corner and select ‘Gaggle Settings.’


Scroll down to the bottom of the Gaggle Settings page and select the 'Pause Gaggle for 24 hours' button.


As you can see, pausing the Gaggle ceases all activities and scheduled activities. While this exists for crisis situations in which you need to disable all social media sharing, it should be used sparingly. 


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