How Do I Determine Who Receives Billing-related Email Communications?


As a Gaggle Manager, you are responsible for the care and maintenance of the activities you serve Members and the system-related messages. But, if you are one of many Gaggle Managers, seeing something like a communication regarding billing might leave you thinking “what does this have to do with me?” That’s where setting the billing email addresses comes into play.

Having a point of contact for billing solves two significant problems:

  1. As I just described, not all Gaggle Managers need (or want) billing-related communications
  2. It removes the previous requirement that anyone wishing to receive billing-related emails must be a Gaggle Manager on the account

With these changes, you can now designate which Gaggle Manager(s) will serve as the main contact points for billing.

How Do I Enter a Billing Contact?

From the Manager Dashboard, click on your image or initials in the right-hand corner of your screen and choose ‘Gaggle Settings.’ 


Then choose ‘Billing.’


Here, an address can be added to the list of those receiving billing-related items by adding the email address to the input field and selecting ‘Add Address.’

Likewise, addresses can be removed from this list by clicking the trash can icon next to any existing address.

Do Email Addresses Automatically Get Added to This List?

Yes and no — let me explain. There are only two instances in which a person will be automatically added to this list:

  1. When the Gaggle is created, the original creator is the first Gaggle Manager of record which will automatically make them the billing email address of record
  2. For all existing customers, at the time this feature is deployed (November 2022), the email address associated with every Gaggle Manager account was automatically loaded as a billing contact. This was a one-time action.  To modify your list, follow the instructions above for adding and removing billing email addresses.

And that’s it. The contacts appearing here under the billing section will be the only contacts receiving billing-related queries moving forward. As you add Gaggle Managers to your program, they will not be automatically added.

What Happens if a Gaggle User Is Removed From the Gaggle and Their Email Address Is Found on the Billing Email Addresses List at the Time of That Action?

When a Gaggle Member is deleted from the Gaggle via the Manager dashboard (under Members → View all), GaggleAMP will check to see if the user’s email address is found on the Billing Email Addresses list. If a match is found, the user account gets deleted as normal, and the below notification email will be sent to the deleting manager and the GaggleAMP Customer Success Manager. 

To be clear, no automated action will remove an address from the Billing Email Addresses list. Any email address that no longer belongs on the Billing Email Addresses list must be manually removed by a Gaggle Manager. 


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