Why Are My AutoAMP Activities Not Showing Up for My Members?


One of the big benefits of GaggleAMP is the fact that you can ask employees to engage in very specific activities. As the Gaggle Manager, there are activities you may be creating yourself that you want to have turned automatically into an activity for your Members to complete. That’s ‘autoAMP’ and it can save you a lot of time when creating activities. 

But, sometimes you go through the process of setting up all this great content and crickets…none of this content was automatically created into an activity your Members can complete. Let’s take a look at how to resolve that.

Understanding the Content Feeds

Each Content Feed is linked to one specific Channel. When you enable “AutoAMP” for your Content Feed, a custom configured Activity will be created for each piece of qualified content sourced by the feed. The AutoAMP config option titled "Send Activities to Channel" will let you decide whether the automatically created Activities will be assigned to the Content Feed’s Channel, or to no Channel at all.


If your Content Feed creates Activities or Posts on a specific Channel, you’ll see the Channel name listed under the source’s description in the ‘Content Feed’ table. The below screenshot shows a Content Feed that sends its output to the ‘GaggleAMP Facebook’’ Channel.


Activities on public Channels, and Activities that are Channel-less, are available to all Gaggle Members.

Activities on Private Channels are only available to Gaggle Members that are currently subscribed to that Channel.

So, if your AutoAMP Content Feed is configured to send to a Private Channel, but some of your Members do not have access to those Activities, you have two options to give those users access:

  1. Invite those Members to subscribe to that specific Private Channel
  2. Reconfigure that Channel from being “Private” to “Public”

Both of these actions can be accomplished via the “Channel Listings” page and by clicking “Go To Channel” on the appropriate Channel card.SS3_GAFB.png

From the Channel’s page, click the Actions Button (“...”) to “Invite Members” or…SS4-Channel_Edit.png

“edit” the Channel to disable its ‘Private’ status.


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