How Do I Adjust My Gaggle Settings?



From time to time, you may want to make adjustments to your universal Gaggle settings. Here’s how you can do just that!

Adjusting Your GaggleAMP Settings

Once you have logged into your GaggleAMP account, select your profile image in the upper right-hand corner. This may appear as an image or simply your initials if you have not added your profile image.

Select ‘Gaggle Settings’ to change your universal Gaggle settings.


Note: You will only be able to adjust the Gaggle settings if you are a Gaggle Manager. 

Here you have several options on how to configure your Gaggle.

Names and Logos

If at any point you need to change your Gaggle name, you will do so in the freeform text box. This may be helpful if over time you expand to different regions and oversee multiple Gaggles. 

Next, you can upload and change your logos. The logo recommendation is:

  • Ideal aspect ratio - 1:1
  • Ideal minimal image size - 160x160 pixels

GaggleAMP will accept any image as a logo. Any image having a height and width of fewer than 160 pixels will be saved in its original form. However, if the height or width is more than 160 pixels, GaggleAMP will proportionally resize the image so the larger of the two dimensions are shrunk down to 160px and saved with those altered dimensions. 

Content Generation and URL Tracking

Next, you will see three checkboxes in which you can determine how you want URLs to render and content to be displayed or shared. Here you can:

Automatically Convert URLs Into Short URLs

As noted in the configuration label, this does not interfere with any tracking URLs that you currently use but it will automatically shorten the URL. This is helpful as it helps measure both tracking of the performance of your posts in the Gaggle as well as cleaning up the URL aesthetically. When enabled, URLs added to copy text when creating an activity will automatically be shortened to a link on the domain.


Allow Users to Register Using Any Email Domain

Sometimes your Gaggle Members may have more than one email domain and it would be helpful to allow Members with any email domain to join your Gaggle. Checking this box makes this possible. You'll want to enable this option when you have multiple domains under one umbrella or plan on inviting partners or stakeholders with an email domain different from your own.

Allow Users to Recommend New Content Ideas

From time to time your users may find amazing content out in the wild and want to share it with the Gaggle Managers to put in the Gaggle. By checking this box, you can simplify this process by allowing Members to recommend content to you entirely within GaggleAMP. 

This is done from the Member dashboard.


Here a Member can let their Gaggle Managers know about new content ideas.

This content will appear for consideration on the Manager dashboard by selecting Activities, then Member Ideas.


Should a Gaggle Manager decide they want to use this content recommendation, all they need to do is select the three dots and select 'Create Activity' to turn this into an activity for all Gaggle Members. 


Auto-Sharing Content

Members can configure their GaggleAMP account to ‘AutoShare’ Twitter Retweet activities. 

When enabled, the Member authorizes GaggleAMP to automatically Retweet manager-recommended tweets without their direct interaction with those activities. From this Gaggle Settings page, you can:

  • Change the spread window in which Gaggle Members' content is shared via Auto-Share
  • Choose to select the auto-share times so they are adaptive to each user's time zone
  • And selecting disable auto-share will make it so all activities served to all Gaggle Members must be manually performed, regardless of how the Gaggle Members set their own AutoShare preferences

Facebook Video File Size

The default maximum file size for a video to Facebook is 1024MB. You are welcome to adjust it to set your own limit for your Members.

Enable Community


Note: If you are not using our Community module, you can ignore this section.

The content displayed as a ‘Post’ may be items your peers find interesting, fun, or worth sharing with your network. This content appears in the Community tab within the GaggleAMP platform under Posts.


The ‘Post’ feature is a great way for Members to engage with content supplied by other Members and for Managers to use as a content library. Managers can quickly turn a post into an activity and send it to the Gaggle to share externally. 

Note: You can learn more about the difference between ‘Activity’ and ‘Post’ in GaggleAMP here. 

Email Settings

When new Activities are served in the Gaggle, a notification email is sent to Gaggle Members alerting them to the new Activities. Members can declare their own notification schedule. With this Gaggle configuration, you are setting the details of when notification emails will be sent depending on the Member-declared preference, such as:

  • Daily at a set time
  • Weekly at a set time
  • Twice per week at set times

You can also set the default time upfront so that any new Gaggle Members joining your Gaggle automatically are set to the same defaults. 

Lastly, you are welcome to customize the email that is sent with your company colors. The header is customizable with RGB colors as is the header text.

Inactive Members

From time to time, you will find that Members will go inactive in your Gaggle. When they do, it is helpful for a Gaggle Manager to understand who is inactive to either get them active again, talk to them about why they are inactive, or simply remove them from the Gaggle to make room for a more active participant.  

Enabling this feature will automate sending an email to your Gaggle Members that have had no activity in the Gaggle within your selected timeframe. Overtime you will also see the number of:

  • Emails sent
  • Responses
  • Response Rate

If any comments have been left for your review, you can do so by clicking ‘View Comments’ here as well. 



Depending on your company initiatives or industry norms, sometimes a hashtag is expected on all tweets you share. Examples of helpful hashtags are those calling attention to an exciting promotion, company event, or cultural flare.


By enabling this checkbox, your tweets will automatically contain your specified hashtags. You can select up to five with all five appearing on every tweet; any more than five and they will be randomly applied to tweets.


In some instances, your company may not be able to use certain language, names of products or companies, or appear in support of certain affiliations. This is where a blacklist can come in handy. If your legal or compliance teams ban employees from mentioning certain words or product names on social media, Gaggle Members will be prevented from including these keywords when editing their messages.

Here you can add the keywords you need to be blacklisted. After each keyword, simply click the ‘+’ symbol and rest easy. Your employees cannot use that word on any activity they edit in the Gaggle.


Pause This Gaggle

First and foremost, we truly hope you never have to use this section of the Gaggle but we do include it for your protection. In the event that you need to pause all Activities and social activities in the instance of an emergency or crisis situation, you can select ‘Pause Gaggle for 24 hours.’


When this button is clicked, all social sharing and other activities in GaggleAMP are stopped. Gaggle Members will see an alert on their member view that the Gaggle has been paused. All activities will be hidden from their view and any messages that are scheduled will be canceled. Use this sparingly and only in emergency situations. Should you need more than 24 hours, immediately contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

And there you have it! If you have questions about other universal settings for all Gaggle Members, it is best to reach out to your Customer Success Manager who can make recommendations specific to your company's needs.


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