How to Broadcast an Activity


The Broadcast Activity feature allows Gaggle Managers to send an immediate notification to Gaggle Members, announcing new content is available. This is designed to help Gaggle Managers make time-sensitive content available and notify their Members immediately. Without using the Broadcast Activity feature, a Member would not receive a notification of the new activity until their next email notification is set to be received.

Note: To Broadcast an Activity, you will first need to assign a campaign to the Activity or Activities you would like to broadcast. For more information on creating an activity, visit Create an Activity on our knowledge base.

Selecting an Activity to Broadcast

Once you have logged into the GaggleAMP platform, click on the activities tab on the top.


Then navigate to ‘Campaigns’ on the secondary navigation bar.


Here you will see each of your campaign names as well as the number of associated Activities with each campaign. Choose the widget with the associated campaign and you will see the Broadcast functionality.


Upon clicking ‘broadcast,’ you'll have the ability to curate an explanation as to why you want Members to engage with this broadcast (e.g. why is this important). A date for the broadcast can also be scheduled to go live at a future date. This can be helpful when you have a time-based campaign starting, like an event or an acquisition announcement.


Next, you’ll select if you want the broadcast to take place immediately or in the future. Once you are happy with your broadcast explanation and scheduling date, select ‘Send Broadcast.’

Note: Broadcasts should be used on a limited basis. As such, you can only perform this broadcast feature twice per week. If you manage multiple Gaggles, this limitation is on a per-Gaggle basis. Also, it’s important to note that Gaggle Members will only receive a notification about the Activities they haven’t yet seen.

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