Create an Activity


Select either of the two “New Activity” options from the Manager Activities Dashboard.


Select the activity you want to create - for example:

LinkedIn Share

  1.  Enter a message and link to content
  2.  Set activity start and end dates
  3.  Assign a point value
  4.  Select/create a campaign if applicable
  5.  Select “Allow Editing” to give members the option of customizing their message
  6.  Select specific member tags if applicable
  7.  Select the appropriate channel for activity if applicable
  8. Post to Gagglemceclip1.png

Twitter Retweet

  1. Select the method to search Tweets - username, hashtag, or link
  2. Enter desired username, hashtag, or link
  3. Select the Tweet you wish to Retweet, click “Send to Gaggle” and follow the workflow for LinkedIn Sharemceclip2.png

Directly Creating an Activity From Posts

Go to the “Dashboard” or “Posts” tab under the “Community” section to create an activity from posts.


Click on the “Actions” button (which appears as three dots) on the right side of the post you want to turn into an Activity and select “Create Activity”.mceclip5.png

Now Select the social network you want to create this activity for and click on send to “Send to Gaggle”. mceclip6.png

If you chose LinkedIn as the social network you will have this additional step to choose the “Type of Activity” you want to create. If you chose Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram just click on Activity Options.


Here you can design the activity as you like:

1] Select specific Channels if applicable

2] Select specific groups if applicable

3] Create the text content

4] Set activity start and end dates

5] Select/create campaign if applicable

6]  Select “Allow Editing” to give members the option of customizing their message

7] Set Reward Points

8] Sent to Gaggle


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