Using the Facebook Like Post Activity


As one of the oldest and most popular social media networks, Facebook has grown in popularity over time. It’s easy to use, engagement opportunities are plentiful, and it has forever changed the connotation associated with the word ‘like.’ 

The Facebook ‘Like Post’ activity is one of over 50 different activities that GaggleAMP can deliver to your Members. It can be used to acknowledge or agree with content or show support for a post. 

Let’s take a look at using the ‘Facebook Like Post’ Activity.

Scheduling a ‘Facebook Like Post’ Activity


From the Manager view on your dashboard directly or under ‘Activities,’ click ‘New Activity’ in the upper right corner. Scroll down to the ‘Facebook’ section and locate the ‘Like Post’ activity and click ‘Create.’



A pop-up will appear in which you can curate the details of the Facebook activity you want your Members to ‘like.’


When creating the activity, there are a number of items you can include. While not all fields are mandatory, they can be helpful.

1. Link: The URL of the Facebook post you want the Members to like. You can access this by choosing the three dots in the upper right corner of a post, selecting ‘embed,’ clicking ‘advanced settings,’ and capturing the URL from the Code Generator page.


2. Description: When the content is served to the Member as an activity to complete, the description will default to ‘Please Like this Facebook Post’ but you can choose to provide your own information to let the Member know why they are liking this Facebook post. This is particularly helpful when you have a Member liking third-party content and the relevance may not be clear. 


3. Send to Member Groups: If you would like the activity to be sent to all Members in your Gaggle, leave this field blank. However, if you would like to position this activity to only specific Member Groups, you can choose which Member Groups will receive this activity here. An example of a Member Group might be Executive Leadership, Sales Teams, Product Managers, or many others.

4. Post to Channels: Like the Member Groups, you can choose to only post this activity to specific Channels. 

  • If you leave this field blank, all Members in your program will receive this ‘Facebook Like Post’ activity.
  • If you select specific Channels, only Members of those channels will receive this ‘Facebook Like Post’ activity. 
  • If you select both ‘Send to Member Groups’ and ‘Post to Channels,’ for a Member to see the activity, they need to be in both the Member Group and the Channel.

5. Start/End Time: Choose the Start and End date based on when you want your ‘Facebook Like Post’ activity to be completed. For the start time, if you do not select a date, it will be an activity that is available to your Members within a few minutes. Likewise, the end time is when the activity ends. At that time, the activity will expire and will no longer be displayed on the Member's activity listing.
Note: The ‘Start’ and ‘End’ times are based on the configured time zone of the manager creating the activity at the time of creation. Other Managers and Members will see these times converted in their configured time zones.

6. Points: Each activity can be assigned a point value that contributes to the leaderboard and rewards (should you use rewards).

7. Campaign: If you leverage grouping your activities into Campaigns, use the drop-down menu to select the campaign that this activity supports. The ‘Facebook Like Post’ activity can be featured and enabling this will position the post at the top of the Member's activities feed. 



Interacting With a ‘Facebook Like Post' Activity as a Member

Once a ‘Facebook Like Post’ activity has been posted, it will appear in the Member activities feed located under ‘Activities’ tabs. Should the Member choose to do this activity, they simply click ‘Like on Facebook.’


Once ‘Like on Facebook’ has been clicked, it will take the Member to the Facebook post provided in the activity for the Member to consume. 


From the Mobile home screen, a Member can simply click ‘Like on Facebook’ under Activities to access the URL of the video they are to watch.


At this time a Manager can create new activities from their Mobile device using the ‘Send to Gaggle’ feature.

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