WeChat and GaggleAMP: Giving Your Global Teams Access to Employee Advocacy


WeChat is one of the largest social media networks in the world. With over 1.24 billion active users that spans across all demographics, it’s a go-to app in China, allowing users to do everything from messaging, playing games with friends, presenting story-features called “moments,” and so much more.

Your global team members want access to employee advocacy, but as an organization you need to meet them where they are. Enter WeChat. As one of the largest global social networks, you may be surprised to know that not all social networks are available in all countries and WeChat helps to fill that void.

Let’s take a look at how to leverage WeChat in your global employee advocacy efforts.

How to Create a WeChat Activity 


 As a Manager of a Gaggle, you are able to create activities that ask your global employees to share a post on WeChat. To create a WeChat activity, first log in to your GaggleAMP account. 

From the Manager View, select ‘New Activity’ from the upper right corner of the Activities tab.


Next scroll down to the section called ‘Other Social Networks.’ Here you will find two WeChat activities - Photo and Video. Select the activity type based on the type of media you want to be delivered in the activity - photo or video.


:pencil2: Note: The only difference between the two activities is the type of media that will be attached to the activity. Follow the instructions below for the WeChat Photo activity. For WeChat Video, all instructions are applicable but rather than uploading an image, you will need to upload a video.


Select ‘Create’ and a new activity popup will appear. Here you will curate the contents of your WeChat activity.


When creating the activity, there are a number of items you can include. While not all fields are mandatory, they can be helpful.

  1.  Message (required): Here you will create the message you want your Members to share on WeChat.
    If you choose to include a link in the Message field, this will automatically populate the ‘Photo’ field and the link will automatically be shortened to a gag.gl link for tracking. You can also upload your own photo in the ‘Photo’ section by dragging and dropping the image or clicking the ‘Add Your Photo’ section to locate it on your device.

    Note: If you have selected the WeChat Video activity, you will drag and drop your video into the box rather than a photo. Please note that videos must be a MP4 or MOV file type that is less than 4GB and 15 seconds or less in length.
  2. Send to Member Groups: If you would like the activity to be sent to all Members in your Gaggle, leave this field blank. However, if you would like to position this activity to only specific Member Groups, you can choose which Member Groups will receive this activity here. An example of a Member Group might be Executive Leadership, Sales Teams, Product Managers, or many others.
  3. Post to Channels: Like the Member Groups, you can choose to only post this activity to specific Channels.
    a. If you leave this field blank, all Members in your program will receive this activity.
    b. If you select specific Channels, only Members of those channels will receive this activity.
    c. If you select both ‘Send to Member Groups’ and ‘Post to Channels,’ for a Member to see the activity, they need to be in both the Member Group and the Channel.
  4. Start/End Time: Choose the Start and End date based on when you want your activity to be completed. For the start time, if you do not select a date, it will be an activity that is available to your Members within a few minutes. Likewise, the end time is when the activity ends. At that time, the activity will expire and will no longer be displayed on the Member's activity listing.
    Note: The ‘Start’ and ‘End’ times are based on the configured time zone of the manager creating the activity at the time of creation. Other Managers and Members will see these times converted in their configured time zones.
  5. Points: Each activity can be assigned a point value that contributes to the leaderboard and rewards (should you use rewards). 
  6. Campaign: If you leverage grouping your activities into Campaigns, use the drop-down menu to select the campaign that this activity supports. This activity can be featured and enabling this will position the post at the top of the Member's activities feed.




Interacting With a WeChat Activity as a Member

Once a WeChat activity has been posted, it will appear in the Member activities feed located under the ‘Activities’ tabs. Should the Member choose to do this activity, they simply click ‘Share on WeChat.’SS5_Member_view.png

Responding to a WeChat Activity on Desktop

If a Member clicks on ‘Share on WeChat’ from their desktop, they will receive a notification that this activity must be performed from their mobile device. To perform a WeChat activity, it requires access to the app, which is only found on mobile devices. You will notice that we also notify Members of this in the desktop display of the WeChat activity under the activity image, in highlighted text.SS6_Notification.png


If the Member has the GaggleAMP app installed and notifications enabled, a notification will be sent to their mobile device  The Member can simply tap the notification, which will open the GaggleAMP app, directing the Member to the activity.

Responding to a WeChat Activity on Mobile

Activities to be performed will appear in the GaggleAMP mobile app. If a Member is served a WeChat activity, it will list the activity and ‘Share to WeChat’ on said activity. When the Member taps ‘Share on WeChat’ to perform the activity, the GaggleAMP app will forward the photo or video (depending on the activity type) to the WeChat app and the text will be copied to the Members clipboard. Once the ‘Ready for WeChat’ dialog box appears, Members need to click on the ‘Open WeChat’ button to continue.


Once the WeChat app has opened, the Member will be directed to the WeChat new post page. Here, the Member can choose how to share the message in WeChat. Most will choose "Share on Moments."


Here, Members will see the media from the original GaggleAMP activity. They can use the mobile device's paste function to add the message text, tap ‘Post’ and that’s it!




:pencil2: Pro-Tip: Text can be pasted from the clipboard into WeChat but long-pressing the text field and then select ‘Paste’ when prompted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my Members need to have the GaggleAMP app downloaded to perform a WeChat activity?

In short, yes. WeChat activities can only be performed from a mobile device with an active WeChat account. In order to perform these activities, the Member will need to be a both WeChat user and GaggleAMP Member with both mobile apps installed.

The GaggleAMP app can be found on iTunes and the Google Play store.

What happens if I give a non-WeChat Member a WeChat activity?

The Member will be unable to perform the activity but will be able to get the points for the activity. Since this activity gives points when the ‘Share to WeChat’ button is clicked, they will receive points on their leaderboard but will not be able to perform the activity. 

If you serve a WeChat activity in error, we recommend removing the activity from the Member view.

I have a Member that wants a WeChat account. Can you help with that?

The WeChat app is available in the Apple and Google Play Stores and can be downloaded from there. However, to access the app, users need to know someone that has access to WeChat and who can provide their QR code. The QR code provides both entries to WeChat and also serves as a digital Rolodex, or connection, for WeChat users. As such, we’d recommend the Member makes the request to a friend or colleague with WeChat access. GaggleAMP is unable to provide this QR code. 

Still have questions? Contact your Customer Success Manager or Submit a Support Ticket and we’d be happy to help!

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