GaggleAMP Notifications: How to Set Them and What Drives Them


GaggleAMP can connect to several different platforms, all of which have their own notifications and notification settings. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the notifications and where they are coming from, or underwhelmed because you expect to receive a notification and don’t.

Here are two really helpful pieces of sage advice when it comes to notifications with GaggleAMP:

  1. Notifications are not instantaneous. Once you have created several activities you might be wondering why there are no notifications to your Members quite yet. Even if you have all of your settings set to show you notifications 'when new activities become available,' it’s not immediate. There is still up to an hour of lag time as the notifications are sent as frequently as the top of every hour.
  2. GaggleAMP will not send you a notification email about Activities you’ve already seen in your own Member Feed unless you select the toggle in Member Preferences that explicitly says to do so. For example, say you create five different activities on the Manager dashboard and then flip over to your Member dashboard to see if they are all there. They are there, but that now means you will not receive notifications about these activities in email or on Slack because you already know they are there.

These two scenarios are some of the most common we run into when it comes to notifications and when you’ll get them and when you won’t.

Below you will find a more detailed cheat sheet on the notifications that might be generated on GaggleAMP and how to control those notifications.

Adjusting Your GaggleAMP Platform Email Settings

When new Activities are served in the Gaggle, a notification email is sent to let Gaggle Members know there are new Activities to be performed. 

These emails can be sent either hourly, daily, weekly, or twice per week, all at a set time. In Gaggle Settings, under Preferences, you can set the schedule for the Daily, Weekly, and Twice Weekly deliveries for the timezone in which you select.


From Gaggle Settings, you can also set a default delivery schedule for your Members. In doing so, any new Gaggle Members joining the Gaggle will automatically inherit these default settings. But, like all other Members, they will have the ability to override the default settings and declare their own notification schedule.

For more about your Gaggle Settings, visit: How Do I Adjust My Gaggle Settings.

Setting Your Own Notification Preferences

While Gaggle Managers have the option to set a universal default for the platform email settings, all Gaggle Members can set their own preferences. Personal settings override platform defaults. You can access this from the image (or initials) in the right-hand corner and select 'Account Settings.'


Select Preferences.


From Preferences, Gaggle Members can determine how and when they receive notifications about activities in email, Microsoft Teams, Slack, in Channels, and for Activities that have already been viewed.


Should your Gaggle participate in the Community, Gaggle Members can determine if they receive an immediate notification when a comment is added to a post or if a Gaggle Manager has taken that content and added it to the Gaggle.


Note: Community is a paid add-on module. If your company is not subscribed to 'Community,' there is no need to make adjustments to the Community Post settings. When a Gaggle Community is disabled, the 'Community Posts' section will be hidden within each user's Account Settings for the Gaggle.

Lastly, a Gaggle Member can control if they receive an immediate notification when getting an invitation to a Channel.


For more about your Gaggle Member Settings, visit: How Do I Adjust My Gaggle Settings.

Notifications for New Activities

If Members set the notification for New Activities to complete, they will receive an email letting them know that they have new activities to complete.


Notifications For Activities Suggestions 

Gaggle Managers will receive notifications in their email when a Member in their Gaggle suggests any new activities to them.


Gaggle Managers can click on the suggested activity within the email, which will take them directly to the ‘Member Ideas’ page in their Gaggle where they can review and create an activity from the suggestion or delete the suggestion.


Gaggle Managers can turn these notifications on/off by going to Gaggle Settings under ‘Preferences’. They can also set or revise the frequency of receiving these notifications here.


Notifications Related to GaggleAMP Announcements

Announcements are a quick and easy way for you to get a message out to all Members of a program at one time. This, too, generates a notification. 

This notification will appear at the top of your GaggleAMP account dashboard, or if on mobile, as a notification under the ‘bell.’



In the instance you or your Gaggle Member is not a regular visitor of the platform, this Announcement will appear in your next ‘You have a new message to share email.’ Two important things to note here are:

  • The ‘You have a new message to share email’ will be sent to your Gaggle Members based on their notification settings in their account. This means two different members might receive this notification on two different days if one has their email settings for a daily digest and the other has theirs set for a weekly digest. 
  • If the Gaggle Member has viewed the announcement on the platform, it will not be included in the ‘You have a new message to share email’ notification message because the announcement has already been seen. 

For additional details on GaggleAMP Announcements, review this article on how to view and engage with them. 

Notifications on Slack and Microsoft Teams

Our notifications on Slack and Microsoft Teams make it easier to perform your employee advocacy activities while in your day-to-day communications tool.

Certain activities can be delivered on both Slack and Microsoft Teams and a Member can perform some of these activities here, too.

Very Important Note: The email notification settings are separate from your Slack or Microsoft Teams notifications. If you turn off your email notifications, that will have no impact on your notifications in Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Let’s take a look at those notifications by platform.

Slack Notifications

Some activities can be sent to Slack to be performed given that the Gaggle Member has not logged into the GaggleAMP platform and has yet to see the activity to be completed.

The GaggleAMP integration on Slack will allow your Members to seamlessly perform one-click actions, like ‘Like a Tweet,' 'Like on LinkedIn,' or ‘Share on Linkedin.’ These can be executed, or scheduled to be completed at another time and date, on the Slack integration.


Activities that require more than one-click actions, like a ‘Comment’ activity, cannot be performed on Slack as it requires additional information. Those notifications will look like this:


Note: Only 'likes' with API support can be performed within Slack. For example, a LinkedIn 'like' can be done within Slack as it is supported by the LinkedIn API. That said, a Facebook 'like' cannot be performed directly in Slack. Instead, it will take your Members to the exact post on Facebook you want them to 'like' but they will need to actually click the 'like' engagement to perform the activity.


The Gaggle Member has the control to change the GaggleBot notifications in Slack to their liking. These notifications can be set by DM’ing “Show Settings” to the Gaggle Bot. From there, the Gaggle Members can change their settings to either hourly, daily, or weekly, or they can mute their settings altogether.

Pro-Tip: The changes made here affect only the Slack notification settings for that Gaggle Member. It will not affect any other Members nor will it impact the email settings in your Gaggle.

For additional details on setting up Slack or your Slack notifications, please visit the Slack Integration Set-Up for Managers

Microsoft Teams Notifications

Like the Slack integration, the Microsoft Teams integration will allow you to perform certain Activities right from Teams and will also allow you to customize how frequently you receive notifications.

Using the command “Show Activities” will allow the Gaggle Member to see the last five activities made available in GaggleAMP. That said, there may be more than five activities available to complete so you might need to use the command more than once.


Unlike the Slack integration which will only show activities that have not been seen on the GaggleAMP platform before, the Microsoft Teams integration will display activities you have already viewed on the GaggleAMP platform or within the mobile application.

Notifications on the Microsoft Teams platform can be changed by messaging GaggleAMP with the prompt ‘Show Settings.’ This will display what your current settings are and the prompts to change your notification settings. They can be adjusted to hourly, daily, and weekly. 

Microsoft Teams also allows the Gaggle Manager to ‘mute’ all notifications, which means the Gaggle Member will receive no notifications at all on Microsoft Teams. 


Note: Changes a Gaggle Member makes to their notifications only affect that Gaggle Members settings on Microsoft Teams. It does not affect email notifications or other Gaggle Members Microsoft Teams settings. It also cannot be controlled by anyone but the Gaggle Member. 

For additional help setting up a Microsoft Teams integration or the notifications associated with Microsoft Teams, visit Connecting Your GaggleAMP Account to Microsoft Teams.

Notifications of Inactivity

Gaggle Managers can activate the ‘Enable Inactive member email’ in their Gaggle Settings. Enabling this feature automatically sends an email to members that had no activity within a timeframe Manager has specified in the settings, asking them why they have stopped sharing. Members will receive an email notification and they can reply to the message with the reason why they are not sharing as well as any other comments they wish to include.


Notification For Account Confirmation

When new Members are added to GaggleAMP and they create an account, they receive a notification to verify their account using their email. Members can click on “Confirm Your Email” to verify their email address.


Notification To Re-Activate Social Accounts

GaggleAMP and the social networks associated with our platform take the security of Member social media accounts very seriously. To ensure that Members are in complete control of their social accounts, Facebook and LinkedIn require them to reauthorize their accounts every 60 days or whenever a password has been changed for these accounts. GaggleAMP Members receive an email notification whenever an account needs to be reauthorized.

To reauthorize their account, they can simply click the "Re-Connect My Account Now" button associated with the social account, directly within the email or click the Gaggle link that will prompt them to log back into their account and re-establish the connection with their social network by clicking on “Update Account Button.”


Notifications for Membership Request

Gaggle Managers who have ‘Members Request’ enabled for their Gaggle will receive requests to join the Gaggle. Managers can choose to accept or reject the request. Depending on the Manager's decision, the requestor will receive an email notification about the approval or rejection of their request.


Notifications of Removal

Gaggle Managers can choose to remove members from the Gaggle. In case a member is removed from the Gaggle they are subscribed to, they will receive an email notification stating that they are no longer a part of the Gaggle.



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