What Do The Activity Checkbox Options Mean?



When creating an activity, you'll notice a number of checkboxes under the scheduling options. See below for a brief explanation of each of these options.


You’ll notice that not all options are available for every activity. This is because some options don’t fit the context of the activity type.
  • Feature Activity - this forces the activity to appear at the top of the Member’s activity listing

  • Allow adding text - for those activities where the Manager crates the social network post message, this option determines whether the Member can edit or append or prepend to the Manger-provided message.

  • Enable Tracking

  • Allow Comment - this applies to Twitter Retweet activities and if enabled, will allow Members to add a comment to the Retweet.

  • Require Comment - this applies to Twitter Retweet activities and if enabled, the Member will not be able to Retweet unless s/he adds a comment.

  • Allow Media - this allows a Member to add an image, gif or video when responding to a Twitter Retweet activity.

  • Disable Auto-Share - Auto-share allows Members to automatically perform Twitter Retweet activities without ever seeing them. Enabling this will prevent this and require the Member to physically click or tap on the activity CTA in order to perform it.


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