Building & Expanding Your Gamification Strategy




Activity Points

With GaggleAMP’s gamification capabilities, you can assign points to each activity you request of employees. If an employee carries out an activity, they earn those points.
These points count towards their standings on the Leaderboard. Points on all networks other than Twitter also accrue to redeem on Rewards, should your company participate in rewards with GaggleAMP.


Using GaggleAMP’s leaderboard, you can track which employees earned the most points in any allotted time you choose.

Simply screenshot your program’s scoreboard and share it with the Members of your Gaggle, and you’ll get their competitive juices flowing.


Contests & Rewards

You can create a contest amongst your employees using the Leaderboard. At the end of each month, quarter, or any time frame you choose, acknowledge the people who earned the most points in your program during that stretch.


Over 65% of experienced employee advocacy program managers say recognition is the best incentive to motivate employees, according to a survey from Social Media Today. 

Gamification Strategies

You can take your gamification strategy further than just acknowledging your employees by offering prizes.
Of course, people always like winning money and gift cards, but we’ve seen some companies get creative by offering company-branded merchandise, extra PTO days, lunch with the CEO, and more.
If you want to give your employees extra motivation to be active over the long haul, gamification is a great way to go. And when employees who are not in your program see colleagues getting acknowledged and winning prizes, they’ll be intrigued.
Another best practice that we see many companies do is to give out prizes and accolades to more than just those with the top number of points. With the same people often at the top of the leaderboard, it's important to recognize those who are 'most improved' or even showing a strong effort. A little encouragement goes a long way!

GaggleAMP Rewards

GaggleAMP Rewards give employees incentives to work towards the execution of Activities. Should your company participate in GaggleAMP rewards, Gaggle Members can redeem their activity points for company merch, swag, gift cards, and more. The Gaggle Manager has full control over the available rewards and can set the thresholds necessary for redemption.


Learn more about gamification and how to gamify your employee advocacy program.

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