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Employee advocacy programs thrive when there are active Members contributing to the sharing of the Activities created. As an outsider looking in, others not in the program may have a bit of FOMO and request to be a Member. But, as a Gaggle Manager, you know that there is a need to control the volume of Members participating in the program, be it due to activation, to budget, or even other limitations.

By default, Members are automatically allowed to join a Gaggle by clicking on the invitation link you provide. However, if you wish to approve every Member before they access the Gaggle, you can request to have the ‘Membership Requests’ feature enabled. Let’s take a look at the Member experience and approving membership requests.


Note: While you have the ability to approve every Member before they join the Gaggle, you will need to contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this feature.


How Do I Invite Members to my Gaggle?

As a Gaggle Manager, you have the ability to share a link to your invitation page to invite others to participate in your employee advocacy program. To access your link, from the Manager view, select Members and Invite.




From this view, you will see you have both an invite link and a pre-curated email that you can copy and paste into your email client to invite Members to your Gaggle.




With your invite link in hand, you can share it with others you would like to invite to your Gaggle.


What is the Member Experience When Signing Up for the Gaggle?



When a new Member is sent an invite to participate in your Gaggle, they will be directed to your company's Gaggle landing page. Here they will see and complete the registration form. 




Note: In the instance that a Member has more than one company email address, it is important that they use the same email address that this invitation was sent to. This ensures that the Member will be indeed linked to your company Gaggle.


If your company is using SAML authentication, rather than a form, they will see a ‘Sign in with SAML’ button instead. 




After the Member has completed the form, or signed in with SAML, the Member will receive a notification that their membership request is being reviewed.

Note: If you do not have Member Request approvals enabled, the Member will then continue directly into the Member dashboard within the product.


If your Member is accessing the invitation from a mobile device, their experience will feel just like the desktop experience. If the Gaggle has Membership approval requests enabled, they will see a pop-up that their request is pending. If the Gaggle does not have Membership approval requests enabled, the Member will be automatically approved and dropped right into the app. 




On both desktop and mobile, once a gaggle Manager has approved the request, the Member will receive an email informing the Member of the approval.


How do Gaggle Managers Approve Membership Requests?



When a Member completes the new Member invite form, and they have Membership Requests enabled, all Gaggle Managers will receive an email informing them of a new Membership Request.


Note: Not sure if you have Membership Requests enabled? If you look at your invite and see ‘/request/xxxxx’ at the end of your invite URL, you do have this feature enabled. Keep in mind, this is a feature that needs to be turned on through your customer success manager. When in doubt, please reach out!




When a Gaggle Manager receives these requests, they can approve the request by clicking the ‘Approve Request’ button in the email or clicking the ‘Approve Request’ button from within the app.




If the Gaggle Manager would rather review and approve requests from within the app, simply navigate in the Manager view to the Members tab and Membership Requests. 




Under Membership Requests, the Gaggle Manager will see a list of Members that have registered and are pending acceptance to the Gaggle. Clicking ‘Accept’ will approve the request; clicking ‘Reject’ will decline the request. In both instances, this will send a message to the Member updating them on the status of their request. 



At this time, Membership Requests must be handled through a desktop application.


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