Things I've Done: Finding the Activities You've Interacted With in GaggleAMP


We’re all about transparency here at GaggleAMP. You’re completing activities on the GaggleAMP platform that a person from your company has likely generated for you to complete. These often are shown on your personal social media network so you might be curious about the Activities you have completed or rejected. That’s what the ‘Things I’ve Done’ section of GaggleAMP can tell you. 

Here’s how to find the things you’ve done and what you can do with the Activities.

How Do I Find the Things I’ve Done?


From the Member dashboard, select the 'Activities' tab and then click 'Things I’ve Done.'


Here you will see a list of all Activities you have auto-shared, performed, scheduled, or refused. As you scroll through your activities, you will see the completed or refused activity details.
For example, this activity was a ‘Respond on LinkedIn’ activity that has been refused.


Likewise, this is a ‘Like on LinkedIn’ activity that was performed. You can also see that it was performed on a scheduled date and time.


The contents of the Activity that has been performed or rejected will always appear here. Additionally, you can take some limited actions on these Activities, like ‘undo reject’ or ‘copy link to activity.’

  • Undo Reject - Maybe you refused an Activity and you do want to perform it. Simply select the ‘Undo Reject’ button on the Activity card and it will place that activity back in your Things to Do. This option is only available for Activities that have not yet expired.
  • Copy Link to Activity - Perhaps you want to share a link with someone to a specific activity — simply click ‘copy link to activity’ and you can paste the link wherever you need it. One way Gaggle Members use this is to share a link with a Gaggle Manager when they are referencing a specific activity. It’s also commonly used to draw attention to a specific activity in company communications or newsletters.

What Does the Activities Filter Do?

When you have a lot of activities, or simply want to get down to the brass tacks, the activities filter will be your best friend. 

With the activities filter, you can segment by channels, social platforms, and status. You can also layer these filters. For example, activities with ‘no Channel’ associated with it, for the LinkedIn platform, and only performed and scheduled activities can be filtered into your view.



Note: It’s possible to see some of your filter options disappear as you add to the Activities Filter. For example, I do not have Facebook connected to my Gaggle. As such, if I filter by the status ‘Performed,’ you’ll notice that the ‘Facebook’ social platform filters will disappear.



Things I’ve Done can be located on a mobile device. Simply open the app and toggle to the Activity Log.


Here you will see your stream of Activities. To add filters, simply select the filter in the upper right-hand corner and a display will appear with the filters.


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