How to Schedule Twitter and LinkedIn Activities in Bulk


An employee advocacy program is designed to support program Members by providing curated content that is, in many instances, ready to share. Of course, your participation should not detract from your day-to-day activities so we’ve made it easy to schedule and share Twitter and LinkedIn activities.

Scheduling Your LinkedIn and Twitter Activities


From the Member view, click on ‘Activities’ and then open the ‘Things To Do’ page.


At the top-left of the 'Things to do' page, you can click on ‘Schedule all Schedulable Activities’, assuming there are one or more qualified Activities available. 


Note: There are some Gaggle Activities that are ineligible for scheduling at all, or in bulk. Any activity that doesn’t have a ‘bulk schedule checkbox’ next to the ‘Schedule’ or ‘Edit & Schedule’ link cannot be bulk scheduled.

The ‘Select All Schedulable Activities’ button automatically checks the ‘Edit & Schedule’ boxes on all qualified Activities in your feed.


Then click on ‘Schedule Selected Activities’ and all your selected activities will be scheduled in bulk based on your ‘Default Schedule’ settings. 


Note: Please refer to the ‘Default Schedule’ section below to see how to change or create your settings.

How to Change Your Default Schedule

You can set up or make changes to your ‘Default Schedule’ by clicking on ‘Configure Default Schedule’ on the left sidebar on the ‘Things to Do’ page.


This will take you to your Account Settings where you can set default preferences for scheduling activities. You can do the following:

    1. Schedule Activities Over a Number of Days: Choose how many days you want to spread your content over. If you select ‘Weekdays’ only, the content will not be shared on the weekend but may include holidays.
    2. Perform Activities Between Your Set Times: You can share messages at any time of the day or between specific times.

Note: Whichever time zone you have selected in your ‘Profile Settings’ apply by default to ‘Default Schedule.’


Review, Cancel, or Make Changes to Scheduled Activities

If you have scheduled Activities and would like to review, cancel, or make changes to them, go to the ‘On the Schedule’ page, found on the ‘Activities’ dropdown. This page shows details about all Activities that are scheduled but have not yet been performed.


Here you can:

  1. Review Schedule Time: You can review the times at which the messages will be delivered. Under each Activity, there will be a date and time stamp to indicate when that Activity will be performed. 
  2. Re-Schedule the Activity: Should you wish to modify the time and date, simply click ‘Re-Schedule.' A slide-over will appear which will allow you to reschedule this post for a different date and time.
  3. Cancel Schedule: This will remove the activity from the Scheduled list and send it back to your ‘Things to Do’ list.
  4. Update the Reaction Type: For LinkedIn 'React to Content' types, there are several different reactions to choose from. From your 'On the Schedule' view, you can update these reactions to 'React with Celebrate,' 'React with Love,' and several other options.


From the Mobile home screen, click on the ‘Scheduler’ icon. Once clicked, you’ll see the Activities ready to be scheduled. Here you can see what the time and date stamp is for the Activities completion, if that post is included in the selected scheduled activities, and it will allow you to schedule all selected activities.


To set up the default schedule through your Mobile device click on the settings icon on the top right. Here you can:

  1. Spread Messages Over: Choose how many days you want to spread your content over. If you select ‘Weekdays’ only, the content will not be shared on the weekend but may include holidays.
  2. Weekdays Only:  You can share messages only during weekdays by turning this feature on.
  3. Select Time: You can share at any time of the day or between specific times.


If you decide to set up different times or dates for different activities, you will have to do it manually for each activity by going to ‘Activities. You will see a calendar icon on the top right. Click on the calendar, choose your preferred time and date, and click ‘Done’.


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