Adding and Managing Your Social Accounts


One of the first things you’ll want to do when starting on the GaggleAMP platform is to connect your social accounts. Why? Gaggle makes it easy for you to share content from your employer with your network. By giving each social network authorization to share to your network, you're granting the a-okay with the social network to post from GaggleAMP to the social network on your behalf. 

Now, you still have 100% control over what content you choose to share from your company Gaggle to your social channels. You can reject any activity or simply ignore it until it expires as well. But, to be able to post, you need to authorize your account by:

  1. Selecting the network(s) you want to connect

  2. Entering your credentials for the social network (don't worry, we don't see this and neither does your employer)

  3. Verifying the connection

Is GaggleAMP Safe?

You betcha! GaggleAMP is a SOC 2-certified organization. SOC 2 is an auditing procedure that ensures your service providers (like GaggleAMP) securely manage your data to protect the interests of your organization and the privacy of its clients. SOC 2 certification is considered the standard for SaaS providers who are security-conscious with high integrity, security, and trust.


Why Should I Connect my Social Accounts?

When you connect to your social networks, you can perform the activities suggested by your Gaggle Managers. If you choose not to connect any social networks, you'll be unable to participate in your company's employee advocacy efforts.

Step 1. Select the network to connect.


Step 2. Enter your credentials for the social network

Step 3. Verify the connect

What Permissions are Granted When I Connect an Account?

Below are the permissions granted when you connect your social accounts with GaggleAMP. 


GaggleAMP would like to access some of your LinkedIn Info:

  • Use your name and photo. This allows GaggleAMP and your Gaggle Manager to have greater insight into who is a Member of the Gaggle.

  • Post, comment, and like posts on your behalf. This is how you are able to complete "Share", "Comment", or "Like" activities on LinkedIn. GaggleAMP will not share anything or engage with a post unless you decide to. 

  • Retrieve and post updates to LinkedIn as you. This is how you are able to complete LinkedIn activities that post new updates as you. GaggleAMP will only share the posts that you select. 

  • Use your 1st-degree connections' data. This is used to allow GaggleAMP and your Gaggle Manager to see the total number of connections you have. This gives your Manager insight into the total reach of content to see how large a group may potentially see it.


This Application will be able to:

  • Read Tweets from your timeline. This is how GaggleAMP confirms that you have shared a Tweet from the Gaggle and awards you points towards your leaderboard status.

  • See who you follow, and follow new people. GaggleAMP and your Gaggle Manager use the total number of followers to calculate the total reach of content to see how large of a group it is reaching. Your manager can also make an action available in the Gaggle for you to follow certain people.

  • Update your profile and post Tweets for you.  This is what allows you to share content from the Gaggle to your Twitter account.

Facebook and Instagram

GaggleAMP would like to access some of your Facebook and/or Instagram Info on your profile(s):

  • Your name and profile picture, email address, timeline posts, or friends list. This allows GaggleAMP to display your Facebook profile, compare the posts you shared from GaggleAMP to your feed, and estimate your shared content potential reach.

GaggleAMP would like to access information on your Facebook and/or Instagram Pages, including:

  • Profile and Posts from the Instagram account connected to your GaggleAMP account.
  • Create Posts, which you have approved, on your Instagram account.
  • Perform Comment Activities for the accounts connected to your Page.
  • Post content you have approved in GaggleAMP on your behalf.
  • Read content posted on the Page.
  • Manage account settings.
  • Read user content on your Page.
  • Create and manage content for your Page.


GaggleAMP would like authorization to access your TikTok account to:

  • Read your profile info (avatar, display name). This allows GaggleAMP and your Gaggle Manager to have greater insight into who is a Member of the Gaggle.
  • Read your public videos on TikTok. This allows GaggleAMP to see if an Activity containing a TikTok video has been published.
  • Publish videos to TikTok. This allows GaggleAMP to push an approved video to your TikTok.

Managing Your Social Accounts Once Connected:

Once you have connected your social accounts, there may come a time when you decide to remove an account, mute Activities from certain networks, or change an account. To do any of those things, you will first need to access your Social Accounts Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the Social Accounts section of your dashboard.


Note: Want to learn more about your network permissions? Check out our knowledge base - Understanding Your Social Network Permissions.

Once you are in that section you can easily remove, add, or mute any networks. Muting a network means that you will not see any Activities for that network. For example, you may want to do this if you don’t use Twitter and no longer want to see Twitter Activities.

To remove a social account, click the 'Remove' button under the Link column next to the social account name.

To change a social account's mute status, click the toggle in the Mute column next to the social account name. When the button is highlighted orange, this indicates that activities from that network will NOT display on your dashboard.

Still have questions? Do not hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager for further assistance!

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