How Can You Review Content as a Gaggle Manager?



GaggleAMP Content Feeds will pull new content from targeted sources into the Gaggle and either create Activities (AutoAMP feeds) or set the content aside for review (non-AutoAMP feeds). Managers are then able to review that content and quickly turn it into an Activity, if appropriate. The ‘Content Review’ page in GaggleAMP allows you to evaluate all this Content aggregated from multiple sources, and directly create activities from them.

To review your Content, go to the ‘Content Feeds’ section and click on ‘Content Review.’


Here you will see all your content in the following format:


  1. Messages - Here you can see the summary of the article/content along with the title. You can read the full article by clicking on the title.
  2. Author - This section shows you the source from where the content has been pulled in.
  3. Post Date - The original date of publishing for the article/content here.
  4. Likes - The total number of likes on the article at the source. This can help you determine the popularity of the content and decide on your course of action.
  5. Comments - the total number of comments on the article at the source. This too can be helpful in determining engagement with the content.
  6. Actions - By clicking on the three dots under Actions, you can either ‘Create Activity’ from this content, or decide to delete it.

Creating an Activity From the ‘Content Review’ Section

To create an Activity from ‘Content Review,’ click on the three dots under the ‘Action’ column next to the Content you want your Gaggle to engage with. Click on ‘Create Activity’ from the drop-down menu. A slide-over will appear where you can select the social network for which you want to create this activity. 

For the purpose of this article let's create a LinkedIn Activity. After you have selected LinkedIn as your choice of network, choose the type of Activity you want to create and click on Activity options.


You will now be required to set a few parameters.


  1. Post to Channels: You can choose to only post this activity to specific Channels. If you leave this field blank, all Members in your program will receive this activity, or you can send it to a specific Channel, which is helpful for filtering from the Member ‘Things To Do’ page. Keep in mind that If you select Private Channel, only Members following that type of channel will have access to the activity.
    Pro-Tip: This option is only available if your Gaggle has created one or more Channels.
  2. Send to Member Groups: If you would like the activity to be sent to all Members in your Gaggle, leave this field blank. However, if you would like to position this activity to only specific Member Groups, you can choose which Member Groups will receive this activity here. An example of a Member Group might be Executive Leadership, Sales Teams, Product Managers, or many others.
  3. Message Text: Here you will create any messaging you want to appear on the actual post on LinkedIn. This will be posted the way it is written.
  4. Activity Photo: The original Photo attached to the article at the source will be automatically pulled in here. However, if you want to add a different photo you can upload it here.
  5. Points: Just like creating a new activity manually, a Gaggle Manager can assign 5, 10, or 15 points to be credited to any Member completing the Activity.
  6. Start Time and Expires At: A Gaggle Manager can choose when each automatically created Activity is sent to the Gaggle. You can select “Immediately after the content is sourced” or a specific time each day. The default is for the Activity to be created immediately after the content is sourced.
    Choosing the timed option will allow the Gaggle Manager to select from 48 different time combinations: on the hour or 30 minutes past the hour for every hour in the day. Also, the expiration date for all activities is by default set to 7 days. The Gaggle Manager can identify how many days they want each Activity to remain available to their Members.
    Note: The ‘Start’ and ‘End’ times are based on the configured time zone of the Manager creating the activity at the time of creation. Other Managers and Members will see these times converted in their configured time zones.
  7. Campaign: If you leverage grouping your activities into Campaigns, use the drop-down menu to select the campaign that this activity supports.
  8. Other Options: The activity can be featured and enabling this will position the activity at the top of the Members activities feed. You can also choose to allow your Members to edit the Message's contents.

You can choose to preview the activity before posting it, or directly click on ‘Send to Gaggle’ at the bottom right corner.

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