How to Identify Who Else is Participating in the Gaggle


When you're participating in a GaggleAMP Gaggle, you might just need to know who else is a Member of the Gaggle and who isn’t. For example, perhaps you want to assign a particular Activity to a group of subject matter experts. Before you post the activity, check this Members tab and learn who is in your program, and who isn’t. 

How do I Find the Member View?

If you are a Gaggle Manager, you first need to switch to your Member view. If you are a Member, you will start on your Things to Do page. Navigate to the Members tab.


What Can Do in the Members Tab?

From the Members tab, you will see all Members of your Gaggle. At the top, you’ll see the number of participating Members. You also can search by name or even keywords like ‘marketing’ to display anyone in the marketing department.

Note: If using a keyword in search, it must appear in their title (and their title should be set).


Not only can you search for Members of your Gaggle, but you can also see:

  • How many conversations they have authored (this will only be shown and accessible if your Gaggle has access to the Community module)
  • How many Channels has a Member subscribed to

In this same view, you can choose to follow certain Members of your team. Blue means you’re following the person; an empty silhouette means you’re not following the person.


When you follow someone, it helps you find their content in the Community module. 

Note: If you do not have access to the Community module, you will not see this follow feature nor will you have the Conversations Authored widget. Also, if the Community is enabled for the Gaggle but disabled for specific Members, other Members can still follow a disabled Member and see how many conversations they’ve authored from the list.


In the Community module, the Members you follow will appear as a filter, as seen below.


As you can see, the Members tab is pretty straightforward but can certainly be helpful when understanding who is and is not in your Gaggle. 

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