Everything You Need To Know About the Gaggle Manager’s Calendar View


Is manually tracking your social media content calendar becoming a challenge? Ditch the sticky notes and toss your spreadsheets—it’s time to use an employee advocacy tool built for the sophisticated social media marketer. 

Locating the Calendar View

Gaggle Managers can access the Calendar View from the Activities tab, and then the Activities List, on the Manager Dashboard.

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The Activities List houses each and every Activity ever created in GaggleAMP and the calendar view allows you to visually see how your posts are currently scheduled.

Understanding the Calendar View

As you would naturally expect, the calendar view is just that—a calendar view of activities you have scheduled within your Gaggle. 

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On the calendar, you have the ability to look at it by day, week, or month and it can help you visually determine when you need to schedule content for each network. 

The filters available in the Activities List are also available on your calendar. You can filter by:

  • Status: Active, Scheduled, and Expired.
  • Groups: Segmenting by specific groups.
  • Channels: Segmenting by specific channels.
  • Campaigns: Segmenting Activities associated with a specific campaign.
  • Network: Segment by social network. 
  • Time: 7, 30, and 90-day increments as well as year-to-date and custom date ranges.
  • Creators: Segment by the Gaggle Manager that created the Activity. 

The calendar view can be completely unfiltered or you can layer in multiple filters—the combinations to view your calendar are endless. 

The calendar view can also be hidden by simply clicking the ‘calendar view’ button.

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Changing the Scheduled Date and Time of an Activity

From time to time a need arises to move a scheduled Activity. The start time of each activity is the time reflected on the calendar view.

To reschedule an activity, first make sure it is not already past the scheduled time. For example, if you have a Facebook activity scheduled for 8:09 PM and an Instagram activity scheduled for 8:10 PM on a given day, you cannot reschedule either post at 8:15 PM as the time has already passed.

With that in mind, simply click on the activity you want to modify and select ‘Edit Activity.’

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An edit activity card is presented (it looks just like the new activity card). Here you can make the modifications to your start time.

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Once the activity is updated, it is automatically reflected on the calendar view.

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Scheduling an Evergreen Activity

From time to time, you might want to reuse a really successful activity and schedule it again in the future. To do this, you have two options on how to reuse an activity.

Option 1: Activities List

Scroll through the Activities List that appears under your Calendar View. Once you locate an activity that you want to reuse, click the three dots to open the actions and select ‘Reuse Activity.’

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This will then open the New Activity card and you can schedule that Activity for a future date.

Option 2: From the Calendar View

You can also reuse an activity from the calendar view. To reuse an activity from the calendar view, locate the activity you want to reuse and click on the activity. This will display the same list of activity options from the Activities List. Here you can ‘Reuse Activity’ and schedule it from the New Activity card on a future date.

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