How to Create Channels as a Manager


GaggleAMP Channels make it easy for Managers and Members to organize content, find activities that are relevant to certain groups, and posts to engage with. 

Channels are a convenient way to organize content by topic and Gaggle Managers use Channels as a way to drive relevant content to their Members. Members have the opportunity to subscribe to Channels in order to filter content relevant to them. This leads to higher participation because Members are less likely to get frustrated and abandon the program because they are not sifting through irrelevant content.

But, before diving into the deep end, it’s important to consider how you are going to set up your Channels. You need to identify your Channel strategy.

What is Your Channel Strategy?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that Channels segment content and are more Member-centric than, say, Groups.

Channels can serve a formal business purpose, like communicating event details or relaying information about a product line, or they can be casual and include topics such as ‘Watercooler’ or ‘Weekend Plans’ to open up engagement with your teams. You’ll need to consider what structure works best for your company, or even a combination of structures, before delving into Channels with your Members.

For more details on setting up your Channel vs. Group strategy, visit this knowledge base document.

How to Create a Channel


To create a Channel, if in the Manager view, click on ‘Channels’ on the top navigation menu.


Once you are on the ‘Channels’ page you will see an option to ‘Create Channel’. When you click on this button a slide-over bar will appear where you can curate the details of your channel.


Start by adding an image that will serve as your Channel cover art. Then, name your Channel, give it a specific hashtag (if you want one), and a description of the content someone might find in that Channel. 

If your Channel is time bound, you might want to give it a start and end date (e.g. like in the event attendance scenario) and you, too, can mark it as Private.

Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 10.08.03 AM.png

Next, you will want to determine which of your fellow Members and Gaggle Managers should be involved in this Channel. There are a few ways to sort and find Members to add to your Channel:

  • Timezone: Sorting by timezone allows you to find Members more readily who might be in the same timezone. This is helpful if you want to add Members from your Los Angeles location and say exclude people from your Boston and London locations.
  • Groups: Perhaps you want to add followers from certain groups, like all Marketers regardless of location. You can do that here, so long as a group of these individuals already exists.
  • Filter Users by Name: Maybe you want to add specific people to the Channel that might not have any timezone or group relation. You’re welcome to type their name into the search bar to find them quickly, or you can use the drag and drop area to add Members from the ‘Not Following’ list to the ‘Following’ list.

Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 10.19.22 AM.png

Once you have everyone added to your ‘Followers’ list, click ‘Create Channel.’ It will then appear at the top of the ‘All Channels’ list and is ready for you to start adding content to it.

SS5_View Details.png

Locating Channel Invitations and Rejections

From time to time, a Manager might want to see which Members have accepted invitations or declined invitations to certain Channels. They can locate this information on the Channels page by clicking on ‘Invites’ and ‘Rejected.’

SS8_Invites _ Rejects.png

How to Create a Channel


To create a Channel in the mobile app, open the ‘More’ hamburger in the lower right corner, click on the ‘+’ in the top header, and then add your Channel details.

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