Channels Overview


Channels contain content relevant to specific groups in your company. Simply put, Channels are how you segment your company's content streams. You can choose to segment your content in a variety of ways. The first step is reflecting on how you think about content currently. 

Effective ways we’ve seen Channels segmented are by:

  • Geography
  • Language
  • Department
  • Vertical
  • Product
  • Content Type (Corporate News, Thought Leadership, etc.)

Channels allow you to put the relevant activities in front of the appropriate groups of Members for the largest social impact. There are no limits to the number of channels you can create, so be creative and see which ones take off with your members.

Channels can be created by both Managers and Members. While members only have access to Public Channels and Private Channels that they are invited to. Managers have access to all Channels regardless of who created them. Let's understand the difference between Public Channels and Private Channels.

Private Channels 

When a Channel is being created by a Manager, they have the option to make it private. This means only those members that have been invited to the Channel will see the contents of that Channel. You can distinguish a Private Channel from a Public one by the presence of the ‘Lock’ sign next to the Channel name. 


Public Channels

Everyone in the Gaggle has access to Public Channels. The only difference is that members can choose to follow or unfollow these channels depending on their interests. In this way Channels that they do not follow will not appear in their ‘My Channels’ list and they can focus on the content they want to consume. However, if in some cases they want to participate in a conversation happening on a Public Channel, they can still access it by going to ‘All Channels’. 


Where can Members find invitations to Channels?

Members can find the invitations under the ‘Invites’ section under ‘Filter’ on the left side of their screens.


Can Members reject an invitation to certain Channels?

Yes, Members can decide to reject invitations to some Channels or Unfollow them at a later time. However, they can still find the channels they rejected under ‘Filter’ in the Channels section and choose to follow them at a later time. 

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