What Is the My Impact Report?


When a company makes a decision to roll out an employee advocacy program, it is supported by the Members of the program — employees and team members just like you! Employee advocacy programs are designed to support the company's initiatives, gain broader brand recognition and awareness, improve team engagement, and much more. But did you know participating in an employee advocacy program can lead to you, yes you, being seen as a thought leader? It boosts you as an authority in our industry and can help to boost your personal brand. 

The content shared in an employee advocacy program can get you involved in engaging conversations with influencers in your space. It increases the overall engagement and visibility of your content. But what if you need to see the hard numbers — what is your impact, or contribution, towards the company's success? Well, that’s what the My Impact Report is all about.

How Do You Access the My Impact Report?


Once you log into the platform, you'll default to your 'Activities' dashboard. Click on ‘My Impact’ on the secondary navigation bar.


Your ‘My Impact’ report consists of three sections:

  1. Your Performance - At A Glance

  2. Your Conversations (available only to Community subscribers)

  3. Reach Growth

What Can You Learn From the ‘Your Performance - At A Glance’ Section?


The ‘Your Performance - At A Glance’ section of the My Impact Report provides quick performance results on your contribution to the employee advocacy program. Here you can see how many activities you performed, the engagements (i.e. likes, reactions, and comments) from those activities, and your performance over time. 

Choose Your Timespan

To change the time period of the My Impact Report, click on the drop-down in the upper-right of the ‘Your Performance - At A Glance’ section. 


Review Your At A Glance Performance

Once the preferred timespan has been selected, you will see your performance metrics automatically update. This report will show what has been accomplished over the selected time period and will allow for comparisons over time, too. Let’s take a look!


  1. Activities Performed - The number of activities you have performed during the given timespan, like sharing a LinkedIn Post or completing a Retweet. This will not count any activities you rejected or did not respond to.

  2. Activities Engagement - This is the number of times an activity you performed received a like or comment within a social network. Keep in mind that this is only applicable to activities that include an activity where engagement can be measured (e.g. a ‘like’ on a social post or a comment to that post). Not all activities available on the GaggleAMP platform measure engagement. Activities Engagement is a very helpful metric as it can help you understand if your content is engaging enough for your network.

  3. New Conversations - The number of Conversations you’ve added within the GaggleAMP app. Conversations are the content you create that is viewable by other team Members using GaggleAMP.

  4. Conversations Engagement - The amount of engagement (e.g. likes and comments) you have received from the conversations you’ve created within the GaggleAMP app. 

Note: Both New Conversations and Conversations Engagement are available to members subscribed to our Community module. If you are not subscribed to the Community, your My Impact Report will not show these two sections.


See Performance Period-Over-Period

In Your Performance - At A Glance, you can review your performance period-over-period.

To see data for a specific point in time, hover over the data point on the trend-line.


Export Your Performance Metrics

Each tile in the Your Performance - At A Glance dashboard is exportable. 


To export, hover over the chosen metric, and in the upper right corner of that tile and you will see a gray cloud. Click this and you’ll receive three ways to download your metrics:

  1. .csv

  2. .xlsx

  3. .json

Note: This will only download the metrics for that specific item. For example, If I choose ‘Activities Engagement’ and download those results, the results rendered are only for ‘Activities Engagement.’ There is no option to download the entire report.

What Can I Learn From the Conversations Section?

First and foremost, it's important to understand that "New Conversation" and "Conversation Engagement" refers to our Community module. If your company has not subscribed to the Community module, you will not have this entire section available on the My Impact report.


If your company has subscribed to the Community module, the 'My Impact' report will reflect activity in the Community module in these two sections of the report. 


Conversations you create help share content and information throughout your organization. One of two things happen with this content:

  1. It remains in the Community for consumption by other team members or subscribers to the Community

  2. A Gaggle Manager can choose to make a Conversation public by creating an Activity for others to perform based on the content in your conversation.

There is quite a bit of information packed into the 'Your Conversations' section for you to review.


  1. Your Posts - This toggle allows you to sort your conversations based on either popularity with your audience or recency, based on the date posted. Popularity is determined from likes and comments whereas recency is simply the most recent post date.

  2. Timespan - Like the Your Performance - At A Glance section, results can be displayed to show the last 7-, 30-, or 90-days.

  3. Channels - The Channels toggle allows you to choose specific channels in which you have contributed conversation. You can determine which Channel you want your conversations to appear when you create the conversation.
    The default is All Channels and the channel a conversation was shared can also be seen from the ‘All Channels’ view.

  4. Shared On - When you choose to create a conversation in a GaggleAMP channel, you can also choose to ‘Share On’ the social network of your choice. When you choose to share a conversation on a social network, the icon of the network it was shared on will appear here. For example, this Post was shared on Twitter so the Twitter icon appears here.
  5. Message - A list of all conversations you have contributed will appear here.

  6. Post Date, Likes, and Comments

    a. Post Date indicated the date in which the conversation was created.
    b. Likes indicate how many times someone has ‘liked’ your conversation.
    c. Comments tell you how many times someone has commented on your conversation.
  7. Actions - While the My Impact Report is exclusive to each Member, all Gaggle Managers on the platform are also Members (but not all Members are Gaggle Managers). If you are also a Gaggle Manager, you will have access to create an activity directly from the ‘Your Conversations’ section on the My Impact report. 

    If you are a Member and not a Gaggle Manager, you will not be able to create an activity from this action, but you will be able to click the three dots and delete a post.

What Can You Learn From the ‘Reach Growth’ Section?

One of the biggest benefits of being a Member of an employee advocacy program is the increased exposure you gain as a result of the content you’re sharing. It can also teach you quite a bit about where your content does well with your audience and where it doesn’t.


On the My Impact Report, GaggleAMP will show you how many followers you have gained in the last three months, six months, and since joining your Gaggle. The ‘Reach Growth’ section will only display the social media networks you have chosen to connect. 

When reading this section of the My Impact Report, it’s important to keep in mind where content is regularly shared to assess the impact on each network. For example, this example shows a Member that does not regularly have Instagram activities available, nor do they regularly engage with Instagram content.

However, LinkedIn performance could indicate this Member is fairly active on LinkedIn. They have had stellar post-performance, causing their followers to increase. The Member performs a great number of activities specific to LinkedIn and their audience has grown as a result.

The My Impact Report is available to all Members

At this time, the My Impact Report can only be accessed via Desktop and is not available on the mobile app.

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