Salesforce Integration Member Setup Instructions


GaggleAMP’s Salesforce integration allows you to perform Activities directly from your Salesforce navigation bar. The integration with Salesforce helps keep you involved in your employee advocacy efforts without having to leave the platform you are on daily. 

Note: Your Gaggle Manager will need to complete the integration of GaggleAMP to your company's Salesforce account before you can complete these steps. If you are not sure if this has been done, please contact your Gaggle Manager. 

Installing GaggleAMP Within Salesforce

Once logged into your Salesforce account, navigate to the upper left corner and locate the pencil icon.


Click on the navigation bar pencil icon to open the navigation Items editor. Once opened, click ‘Add More Items.’


This will open a menu of available items you can install. Select the ‘All’ link and search for GaggleAMP. Once found, check the box for ‘GaggleAMP’ and then select ‘Add 1 Nav Item.’



GaggleAMP will now appear among your list of navigation items. From this view, you can move the GaggleAMP to where you want it to appear on your top navigation bar. Once you are happy with the placement, click ‘Save.’


Setting up the GaggleAMP Connection in Salesforce

Now that the GaggleAMP application has been installed, it is time to sign in to your account. Close out the navigation Items editor and go to the GaggleAMP tab in your Salesforce navigation bar. 

This will display your sign-in screen.


On this screen, you will see an email address that should correspond with the email address you used to sign up for GaggleAMP. In the instance it does not, select ‘Click here to sign in.’ Otherwise, select ‘Continue Signing Up.’

This will direct you to a sign-in screen. Provide the credentials you used to sign up with GaggleAMP and sign in.


Now GaggleAMP will be available for full use within your Salesforce Instance.


That’s it! Now, when you visit the ‘GaggleAMP’ tab in Salesforce, you’ll be able to see all of the employee advocacy activities your Gaggle Manager has provided right from within Salesforce.

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