Using Channels as a Member


GaggleAMP Channels make it easy for Members to find the right content to engage with. Channels are Member-centric and help Members to find content that is relevant and exciting for you. They are fully opt-in and opt-out, meaning you’re in the driver's seat and can decide what Channels you want to access, and which you do not. 

Locating Channels

All Members can see Channels and they can be found on the top navigation bar in GaggleAMP.

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Now, Channels can be private or public. A private Channel is created by your Gaggle Manager(s) and is considered ‘invite only.’ Sometimes it is due to sensitive content; other times Gaggle Managers simply choose to lock down a private channel to keep membership refined and exclusive. Private Channels will be displayed with a ‘lock’ next to the Channel name.

Public Channels are open to everyone. Members can choose to follow or unfollow these Channels depending on their interests.

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If your Gaggle has subscribed to the Community, you will also be able to create your own Channels. 

Note: If you do not see the name ‘Community’ in the main navigation bar, you will not be able to create Channels. 

Creating a Channel

Note: This feature is only available with a paid Community add-on.


Along with being able to subscribe to Channels you can also create your own. You might choose to do this to exchange information with other teammates seamlessly (e.g. documenting an event). One benefit to this is that Gaggle Managers can then create Activities from content you create in these newly created Channels.

To create a new Channel, select ‘Create Channel’ from the upper right-hand corner under the ‘Channels’ tab.

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Now, configure your Channel. Start by adding an image that will serve as your Channel cover art. Then, name your Channel, give it a specific hashtag (if you want one), and a description of the content someone might find in that Channel. If your Channel is time bound, you might want to give it a start and end date (e.g. like in the event attendance scenario) and you, too, can mark it as Private.

Note: Making a Channel ‘Private’ does not mean Gaggle Managers cannot access the Channel. They can still see it is created and the content associated with the private Channel. Making it private means that other Members cannot join and participate in that Channel without an invitation.

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Next, you will want to determine which of your fellow Members and Gaggle Managers should be involved in this Channel. There are a few ways to sort and find Members to add to your Channel:

  • Timezone: Sorting by timezone allows you to find Members more readily who might be in the same timezone. This is helpful if you want to add Members from your Los Angeles location and say exclude people from your Boston and London locations.
  • Groups: Perhaps you want to add followers from certain groups, like all Marketers regardless of location. You can do that here, so long as a group of these individuals already exists.
  • Filter Users by Name: Maybe you want to add specific people to the Channel that might not have any timezone or group relation. You’re welcome to type their name into the search bar to find them quickly, or you can use the drag and drop area to add Members from the ‘Not Following’ list to the ‘Following’ list.

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Once you have everyone added to your ‘Followers’ list, click ‘Create Channel.’ It will then appear at the top of the ‘All Channels’ list and is ready for you to start adding content to it.

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Creating Content for Your Channels

There are a few locations in which you can create content that is added to your Channels.

Community Conversations

Note: Community is a paid add-on. If you do not see a ‘Community’ tab in the navigation bar, your company is not subscribed to Community.

Within the Community, when you ‘Start a Conversation’ you’ll have the option to assign that Conversation to your newly created Channel. 

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Gaggle Manager New Activity Creation

When a Gaggle Manager creates a new Activity, they can choose to send it to a specific Channel, including the Channels you have created. This is particularly useful when you oversee a particular aspect of your company and need to control the Members list, but another person in your company is responsible for creating Gaggle content.

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Channels are fully accessible from both desktop and mobile devices. 

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