GaggleAMP Marketing Integrations



GaggleAMP offers a variety of marketing automation and analytics integrations. We do this to make it easy for Gaggle Managers to show the impact of their program and how it impacts their marketing campaigns. 

View the knowledge base articles to get a step-by-step walkthrough of each integration.

Connecting Your GaggleAMP Account to Google Analytics

Two powerhouses — one impactful connection! Track your GaggleAMP performance in Google Analytics to get a holistic view of your marketing campaigns. Connect to Google Analytics in under a minute with these simple steps: Connecting Your GaggleAMP Account to Google Analytics.


Connecting Your GaggleAMP Account to HubSpot

Some things are better when you put them together, kinda like GaggleAMP and HubSpot. While both are powerful in their own right, leveraging GaggleAMP in your HubSpot Marketing Automation Suite helps you better track your campaigns and GaggleAMP attribution. Learn all about Connecting Your GaggleAMP Account to HubSpot and all the benefits it brings to your marketing strategy.


Integrating GaggleAMP to Your Salesforce Account

The Salesforce integration allows Gaggle Members to perform Activities directly from Salesforce. Learn more about the Salesforce integration in the Salesforce Integration knowledge base.



Setting up your Gaggles integrations can only be completed from a desktop device at this time.


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