How to Create and Redeem Rewards


Teams that onboard an employee advocacy platform know that the key to success is in the Member's participation — the better the Member engagement, the better the results. 

But sometimes the leaderboard isn’t enough for your Members. Or, maybe you want to provide additional incentives to help with Member engagement for special events, big company announcements, or even to revitalize your Gaggle. That’s where GaggleAMP Rewards can help.

Setting up Rewards Members can Redeem


From the Manager view on your dashboard under ‘Members,’ click ‘Rewards’ on the secondary navigation bar.


From the Rewards section, you can: 

  1. Create New Rewards

  2. View Redemption History

  3. View and Edit Active Rewards

  4. Fulfill redemption requests


1. How to Create a New Reward for Members

To create a reward for your Members, choose either the ‘+Add a Reward’ button or the tab called ‘New Reward’ - they both take you to the same place.

Here you have the ability to assign details of the reward for your Members. On the left (section ‘A’) is the form used to collect reward details you input and to the right (section ‘B’), is a preview of what this will look like in the Member view. As you customize the details in section ‘A,’ you will see the preview build in section ‘B.’


When creating the Reward, there are a number of items you can include. While not all fields are mandatory, they can be helpful.

  1. Title (required): The headline appears for all references to the reward and will be shown on the Member dashboard and in Manager reward lists. It is recommended you clearly describe the reward in as few words as possible (e.g. "$25 Amazon Gift Card" or "20oz Company Thermos"). Both you and your Members should know the exact reward given from this title.

  2. Description: A description allows you to provide more details about the reward. For example, "Win this thermos by being the first to earn and redeem 50 points!" The description is seen on the Member's Reward view under the ‘Active Rewards’ on desktop and under Contest → Rewards on mobile devices.

  3. Upload Media: Make the reward stand out in the Member view by adding an image. You can either drag and drop an image or click in the drop zone to select a file using your system's file browser window.
    Note: The maximum image size you can upload is 3MB. Acceptable file types are JPG and PNG.

  4. Member Groups: Perhaps you want to offer a reward to only certain groups of people. By selecting a Member Group/s, only Members of that group can redeem a reward. How might you use this? Think about gift cards for example. If your company has groups of people in both the U.S. and in the U.K., a U.K. person will want a gift card in pounds and a U.S. person will want a gift card in dollars.
  5. Points Strategy: Here you can choose whether to apply existing points to the new reward or require points to be earned as of the reward start date.

    1. All Accumulated Points - considers all points the Member has - past and present.
      Note: If you are a seasoned program and just starting to activate the Rewards feature, be sure to review how many points Members might already have accumulated to avoid mass redemptions.

    2. Only Points Earned After Start Date - only considers points earned after the reward start date.

  6. Points Required (required): The number of points your Member needs to be eligible to redeem the reward.

  7. Quantity Available (required): This allows you to make the reward available to more than one member. For example, you could run a contest that allows the first five Members to achieve the goal to redeem the reward.

  8. Maximum Times Redeemable: As a Manager, you can specify how many times the same Member can redeem the reward. The default is '1' - meaning a Member can only redeem it once. Check the 'Unlimited times' if you don't want to limit the number of times a Member can redeem the reward - dependent on the quantity specified in the 'Quantity Available' field.

  9. Start Date and Does this Reward Expire?: The start date is the date on which the reward will be available to the Members. This is a required field only for the ‘Only Points Earned After Start Date’ strategy and would be the date on which points will start to count using that strategy. 

    Check the box for 'Does this reward expire?' when you want a Reward to expire. By choosing the 'Does this reward expire' checkbox, you will need to complete the 'End Date' field that appears. The date entered here is the time when points will no longer be counted. However, the reward will still be available to Members who earned enough points but have not yet redeemed the reward.
  10. Redemption Questions: With some rewards, additional information might be necessary. For example, if giving away a t-shirt, you may ask for a t-shirt size or if rewarding a gift certificate, you may ask for the email to send it to. Here is where you can ask those redemption questions of the redeeming Member.

Note: GaggleAMP's system does not deliver rewards. That needs to be done outside of the system. You can ask as many Redemption Questions as you like by clicking '+ Add a Redemption Question.’ 



Once you are happy with the reward, click ‘Create Reward.’

Now you will see that the reward you created appears in the ‘Active Rewards’ section.


From this view, you can see your Active Rewards. If you discover an error in your reward, or you want to expire your reward, simply click the three dots under actions for the activity and choose ‘Edit’ or ‘Expire Reward.’



At this time, a Manager can only set up Rewards from their Desktop, but they can be redeemed on mobile by your Members.

How Do Members Redeem Their Rewards


From the Leaderboard tab, select 'Rewards.' 


Members can also access their Rewards panel by scrolling down on their 'Things to Do' dashboard. It will be near the end of the left-side widget bar.


From the left-side widget bar view, Members can either toggle through the arrows on the image to see other Rewards available to redeem or click on ‘View All.’ If there are no rewards present, you may not have any active rewards for them to redeem.


By choosing ‘View All' or navigating to the Rewards section from the Leaderboard, a Member can see a library of rewards to redeem. To redeem the reward, they click the green ‘Redeem!’ button.


A slide-over will appear with any further redemption questions. Keep in mind that the Member responses here will go directly to your Gaggle Managers, but these responses are not retained once the Gaggle Manager has fulfilled their item. This may mean that if they want to redeem rewards over time, they might see the same question (e.g. “What size shirt do you want?”) asked more than once.

Once the questions have been answered, the Member then chooses ‘Redeem reward.’

Note: If there are no questions to ask, Members simply choose ‘Redeem reward.’


💡 Important Note: You might have noticed that the number of points your Members have on the leaderboard does not match the number of points they can redeem on rewards. This is because GaggleAMP cannot provide points for rewards for activities completed on the Twitter platform. While it counts towards their place on the leaderboard, GaggleAMP cannot incentivize their participation on Twitter. For more details about that decision, please visit our knowledge base.


Members are able to view potential rewards from their Mobile device by tapping on the ‘Contest’ icon at the bottom of the navigation.


Here a Member will see both the Leaderboard and the Rewards subheading at the top - choose 'Rewards.'


Once the Member finds a reward they want to redeem, the Member taps the ‘Redeem Reward’ button. If the Manager requires an answer to a redemption question, the Member will need to provide a response. Once all questions have been answered, the Member will tap ‘Redeem’ in the upper right of the screen.


Once redeemed, the Member will see an email message indicating the redemption was successfully sent to the Gaggle Manager(s).

How Do Managers Process Redeemed Rewards?

When a Member redeems a reward, the Manager will receive two separate notifications - an email letting them know a Member has redeemed a Reward and a redemption request will be listed in the ‘Reward Redemptions’ in need of your attention section.


When you are prepared to fulfill the reward, each reward contains the ability to mark as fulfilled, view question responses, or cancel the redemption by selecting the three dots.


  1. Mark as Fulfilled: This will mark the reward as redeemed. It will be removed from the ‘Reward Redemptions in Need of Your Attention’ section and will appear in your ‘Redemption History’ with the ‘Status’ marked as ‘Fulfilled' rather than 'Activated.'

  2. View Question Responses: A pop-up will appear with the responses your Member entered when they redeemed their reward.
  3. Cancel Redemption: Cancelling a redeemed reward will remove it from the ‘Reward Redemptions in Need of Your Attention’ section but, like fulfillment, will appear in the ‘Redemption History.’
    If you cancel a reward redemption, the Member who redeemed the Reward will be sent an automated email letting them know of the cancellation and their points are automatically returned to them. The Member can request to redeem the reward again as long as the reward eligibility criteria are met and the reward is still available.


As a reminder, the Rewards are not fulfilled by GaggleAMP but details of the redemption will be sent to all Gaggle Managers associated with your account to fulfill on behalf of your Members.


At this time the fulfillment process of Rewards can only be completed by the Manager from a Desktop device.

Still have questions? Contact your Customer Success Manager or Submit a Support Ticket and we’d be happy to help!

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