Assigning Gaggle Managers to Your Gaggle


As a Manager, sometimes you want a bit of a helping hand, or another set of eyes, to aid in adding activities to your Gaggle or managing your program. Or, perhaps you have multiple program managers that need the ability to create activities and view reports too. This is where assigning other Gaggle Managers can be beneficial to your program. As much as we love helping you, we recognize that sometimes you just want to do things on your own.

Assigning the Manager Role to Other Members

The role of the Gaggle Manager is an important one. It’s a role reserved only for those that are charged with the success of the organization’s advocacy program. Members with the Gaggle Manager role have access to key functions within GaggleAMP, such as creating activities, viewing reports, and assigning other Managers.


From the Manager view on your dashboard, choose ‘Add Manager’ under the ‘Members’ tab. 


Here you can assign Manager roles within your organization. Before assigning Manager roles, the person you wish to make a Manager must already have created an account with GaggleAMP as a Member. Once that Member is on the GaggleAMP platform, you can provide that Member with Gaggle Manager permissions.

Note: If the Member is not already on the GaggleAMP platform, you can invite them from the invite Members page


Once your Member appears on the platform, it’s time to locate them and indicate their settings.


  1. Member Email: To promote the Member to a Manager, search for the Gaggle Member by their registered email address to grant them Manager access. Choose the Member you wish to promote.

  2. Access Level: In addition to being able to access the ‘Manager view’ of GaggleAMP, the Managers are provided with certain access levels that establish what level of control the Manager will have. There are two management permission levels for a Gaggle Manager:

    1. Full Access: This allows the new Gaggle Manager to view and use all management features such as creating activities, editing Gaggle settings, adding other Gaggle Managers, and more.

    2. View Only: This allows the new Gaggle Manager to access the Manager view but will not allow them to perform any functions within that view. This can be helpful if you want to provide someone analytics or reporting access, but do not want them to have full access to creating activities.

  3. Support Contact: From time to time, GaggleAMP will receive questions from Members. When this happens, GaggleAMP needs to know which of the Gaggle Managers to forward the question to. At least one Gaggle Manager must be designated as a Support Contact.

    Note: If a Gaggle Manager has ‘view only’ access, they are able to change the setting for their own account to indicate if they are, or are not a support contact. 

Once you’re happy with the settings, simply click ‘Make Manager,' and that Member will be promoted to a Gaggle Manager.

How to Edit or Change Access to Manager Roles

As a Gaggle Manager, you have the ability to see who else has a Manager role in your account under ‘Assign Managers’ in the same ‘Assign Manager’ view.


Anyone with the ‘Manager’ role will appear on this list, allowing you to quickly see who has the Gaggle Manager role and make edits when necessary.

To Change the Access Level or Support Contact Setting

To make changes to the ‘Manager’ status, click on the three dots (...) to the far right of the Members name under ‘Actions' and select 'edit.' Here the ‘Access Level’ and ‘Support Contact’ cells are editable. Toggle between ‘Full Access’ and ‘View Only’ on the Manager view as well as adjust the ‘Support Contact’ from ‘Yes’ to ‘No’ and vice versa.

Removing the Manager Role From a Member

To remove the Manager role from a Member, click on the three dots (...) to the far right on the row with the Members name. Choose ‘remove from role.’ This will activate a confirmation message to ensure you want to complete this action. Once you click ‘OK,’ the Member will no longer have Manager permissions. They will be able to access the Gaggle as a Member unless you separately remove them as a Member.

Read more here on how to remove Members.


At this time, adding and removing Managers can only be done via a desktop device.

If you have any questions not addressed in this knowledge base article, please contact your Customer Success Manager or submit a support ticket and we’d be happy to help!

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