How to Check Your Member Participation


Employee advocacy thrives when your Members are participating in your program's efforts. But what happens when your Members are not participating? You can try to reactivate their participation, explore if there are any roadblocks keeping them from participating, or, in a worst-case scenario, replace the Member with someone else that is more likely to be active. 

How do I Find Active vs. Inactive Members?


From the Manager view, click on ‘Members.’


Here you will find a wealth of information about all of your members, including:

  1. Which accounts they have connected to GaggleAMP

  2. What groups they are a Member of

  3. What their social reach is

  4. When the member joined the program

  5. When they were last active in sharing an activity

  6. If your company has the Community module, you can see which Members can share Posts

What Can You Do With the Member View?


1. Create or Manage Groups - Groups can be created when there are activities you generally would serve to the same members of a group or team. To create a group:
a. Click Create or Manage Groups and add a group name. Click ‘Create New Group.’


b. Close the slide-over and locate the Members you want to add to that group. Click the checkbox next to their image on the far left side.


c. Once all Members are selected, click in the box at the top that says ‘Select Member Group/s’        and choose your newly created group. This will then add those selected Members to this group. The group will be made available to serve specific activities only to Members in this group.


2. Search All Members - Perform a quick search for a Member by name.

3. Filters - Filters allow you to learn more about which Members are part of a particular Channel or Member Group, or even see who has Gaggle Manager status on your account. Additionally, you can sort the Members by:

a. Joined in Last 30 Days - This helps you identify new Members that may need additional support or assistance.

b. Expired Social Accounts - Quickly and easily identify who has expired accounts, which will affect activities shared on those networks. We’d recommend when you see a Member with an expired account that you email them to understand why they are not connecting an account and/or resolve any troubleshooting questions. You can also choose to remove Members with expired accounts.

c. Email Not Confirmed - This identifies which of your Members have not validated their email address upon joining the Gaggle. Once a Member joins their Gaggle, they have 24 hours to confirm their email address or they will not be able to access their account. 

d. No Activity in Past 30 Days - Use this filter to identify inactive Members of your program. These would be good targets for re-engagement into your Gaggle, or replacement by a more active potential Member.

e. Manager Role - Some Gaggles have more than one Gaggle Manager. This filter allows you to identify who has the Manager role quickly and easily.

4. Download XLSX - Download your Member data here to use outside of GaggleAMP

5. Disable Posts for All / Enable Posts for All - This toggle will allow you the ability to turn on and off the Post feature in our Community. Note: Only Gaggles with the Community module will see these buttons. If your Gaggle has purchased the Community module, these buttons will allow you to make global setting changes to the entire program to enable or disable posts. You'll also be able to adjust that on a Member-by-Member basis. More on that below!

What Can I Learn From Each Member?

All Members of your employee advocacy program will be found in this view. In addition to the filters already mentioned, this view shows you by Member several key indicators of their participation in the program.

Networks Connected and Expired

Under each Member’s image, you will see what social and productivity networks they have chosen to connect along with any social networks that may be expired. If a connection has expired, the Member will have an orange flag indicating an expired credential. The Member will also appear in the filter ‘Expired Social Accounts.’


The Groups the Member is Associated With

Under the Members name, if you see blue boxes with group names, that Member is associated with those groups. However, not all Members are in a group. If a Member is not part of a group, there will be no group tags under their name. To remove a Member from the group, simply click on the ‘X.’


Social Reach Associated with a Member

Each Member of your program has a social reach associated with their individual networks and the accounts they choose to connect. The number you see under the column 'Social Reach' is the collective social reach available if all the Member's connections across all connected networks were to see a social media post. For example, this Member has connected their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts and the collective social reach of all four networks is 5032.


Joined On and Last Active Dates

The ‘Joined On’ date indicates when someone has joined your Gaggle and could be helpful in identifying newer Members of your Gaggle or seasoned participants. The ‘Last Active’ date will display the last time the Member was active inside the Gaggle.


Allow Posts

If you have purchased the Community Module, you will have access to toggle which Members have the ability to post in the Community and which do not. A blue checkmark indicates they can post in the Community whereas a gray dash indicates they cannot.


Note: If your Gaggle has not subscribed to the Community module, you will not have this column on your Member tab. 


Email a Member or Remove a Member

Perhaps you want to re-engage a Member, send them a reminder to reconnect their account or remove a Member from your Gaggle altogether. You can do this by clicking the three dots in the circle on the far right of that Member’s information.


From here, ‘Email Member’ will open your email provider to curate an email, and ‘Remove Member’ will remove the Member from your Gaggle.

Note: You cannot remove a Member if they are a Gaggle Manager. If you wish to remove a Gaggle Manager, first revoke their Gaggle Manager status and then you will have the option to remove that Member.

Keep in mind that this view is only accessible by Gaggle Managers. Members of a program do have access to a Member view, but they are limited to seeing:

  • Name

  • Title
  • Conversations they have authored (this is a Community feature)

  • Number of Channels they are subscribed to

  • Follow another Member 

A Member does not have access to items discussed in this article.

At this time, the ability to check your Member participation can only be performed on the desktop app. A full list of Members in your program can be found on Mobile by clicking the three stacked lines with the title ‘More.’ From the Channels Screen, click on the second icon that looks like people to access your Member list.


The names of your Members will appear here with the ability to follow them directly from the application.


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