Member Engagement Report: What Is It and How Do You Use It?


As a Gaggle Manager, you’re charged with the success of your company’s employee advocacy program. Of course, performing activities and sharing content is important in the program, but it’s also helpful to understand who is sharing and engaging with your activities. Enter the Member Engagement Report — an all-in-one filterable report that can help you better understand your Members’ Engagement.

Accessing the GaggleAMP Member Engagement Report

Note: You will need an active GaggleAMP Manager account to access the Member Engagement Report.

To access the Member Engagement Report, click on the ‘Reports’ tab from the Manager view, then select ‘Member Engagement'.


Understanding the Member Engagement Report

When you first visit the Member Engagement Report, you will notice the Members of your Gaggle are all included in the default view of the report. 

The three filters available at the top of the report can help you sift through Members and Activities to include in the reported data:


  • Groups: This dropdown houses all Groups within the Gaggle. Upon selecting a Group, the records displayed in the table will change to only include Members that are currently included in the selected Group. If a Member is not included in the selected group, a record in their name will not be displayed in the table.
    Pro-Tip: If you do not have Member groups set, you will need to do that before using this toggle. To learn how to create Member groups, visit how to check your member participation.
  • Channels: This dropdown will include all Channels within your Gaggle. Upon selecting a Channel, the data in the grid will only include Activities that are on the selected Channel.
    Pro-Tip: Like Groups, to use the Channel dropdown, you will need to set up your Channels first. You can create channels as a manager in this step-by-step guide: How to Create Channels as a Manager.
  • Time: This is a range of time. This filter pulls data based on when the activity is performed by the Member. Managers can select from five preset ranges, or you can declare a custom range.


It’s important to note that if you make changes to ‘Groups’ or ‘Channels’ in your Gaggle, it will take up to 24 hours to be reflected in the report.

The columns on the report are pretty straightforward, each of which honors the Channel and time filter criteria.

  • Name: The name of the Member whose activities engagement is being reported.
  • Total Points: The total number of points the Member has received from performing activities. 
  • Activities Completed: The total number of activities the Member has performed. 
  • Last Completed: The last activity completion date.
  • Potential Reach: The calculated potential reach of the activities performed by that Member across their connected social media networks. The calculation for Potential Reach is the Count of Connections on X-network multiplied by the number of Activities performed on X-network. These would then be added together to get the potential reach of the collective connected networks.
  • Total Social Interactions: The total number of interactions Activities performed in the Gaggle received for that Member. This includes all types of interactions you see on Facebook or LinkedIn, including ‘like,’ ‘love,’ ‘care,’ ‘laughing,’ ‘wow,’ ‘sad,’ or ‘angry’, comment, reshare, etc.
  • Known Follower Count: The collective number of followers in the Member's network across applicable social media platforms that are connected to GaggleAMP. Keep in mind, not all platforms make these numbers available to GaggleAMP.

Exporting Your Member Engagement Report

To download your Member Engagement Report, move your mouse to anywhere within the table-data area to expose a download icon at the top right corner of the table (directly above the ‘Known Follower Count’ column).


 This will present you with the option to download the content via .csv, .xlsx., or .json. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

How often does the data update on this report?

Data related to activities performed are reflected in this report roughly six hours after the activity has been performed. 

Channel and Group related data changes are reflected in this report up to 24 hours after the change is made.

This has a lot of the same data as the Leaderboard. Why use this report?

Currently, the GaggleAMP Leaderboard shows similar information but your Members need to opt-in to participate on the Leaderboard. The Member Engagement Report includes all active Gaggle Members and Managers regardless of their opt-in status on a Leaderboard.

I just created Groups and Channels but when I use the filters, they are not working. Why is that?

This report is created on our reporting tool, Metabase. As such, if you make new Groups and Channels in the GaggleAMP platform, it needs time to sync with the database. This occurs daily. Please allow new Groups and Channels 24 hours to fully populate. If you need the report urgently, we would recommend exporting the report and manually removing the people you do not want shown on the report. 

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