What is the Benchmarking Report?


“How does my performance compare to other programs?”

We hear this question nearly every day and totally get it—you want to know how your efforts rack and stack against other programs. It gives us validation that we’re either on the right track or need to kick it into high gear, so these metrics matter.

Our Benchmarking report gives you the most up-to-date comparisons of exactly how your Gaggle aligns with other programs of the same size. This way you know, apples to apples, how you stand against your peers.

Let’s get to it!

Accessing Your Benchmark Report

From your Manager dashboard, select ‘Reports,’ then Benchmarking Report.


It’s important to understand your results are comparable to programs like yours. How do we measure this? We base it on the number of Members in your program. For example, if you have a 100-Member package, your benchmarks are based on those who also have a 100-Member package.

Your Gaggle Results

At the top of the page, you will see your Gaggle results for the previous 90 days. These are the actual results seen over the duration you have selected.


At the very top, a Gaggle Manager can assess the active Membership of their program. An active Member means that they have completed one or more Activities in the prior 90-day period, otherwise, they are considered inactive.

You can also use this report to assess:

  • Activities Created - the number of Activities a Gaggle Manager made available to their Members.
  • Activities Completed - the number of Activities completed by all Members of your Gaggle.
  • Reach - The total reach of the Activities completed during the selected time period. 
  • Social Interactions - The total number of interactions such as replies, likes, comments, retweets, etc. that occurred during the selected time period.
  • Clicks - The total number of clicks your content received during the selected time period. Keep in mind, that this varies widely with your content strategy. For example, if you request comments from your Members, clicks may be lower, whereas if you are heavy on sharing content, clicks might be higher (with a content link included) but your social interactions may be lower. 
  • EEMV (Employee Earned Media Value) - Qualifies the impact of your employees sharing and engaging with your social media content through GaggleAMP. Every Activity is assigned a value, based on benchmarks and industry trends, to give a quantifiable value to your social engagements. It also helps you benchmark against other programs, like your paid social efforts.

Your Benchmarking Gaggle Results

Here you will find an identical analysis of Gaggle results but instead of it being your results, it is that of similar size programs. 


How Do I Use These Benchmarks?

Having access to these Benchmarking reports can tell you a lot about the success and health of your program.

For example, this Gaggle is not nearly as active as it could be. This can often be an indicator that it’s worth pruning your membership and adding new Members to your program or doing some digging to find out why those active in seats are not participating in your program (Hint: Review the Content Strategy report and you might uncover the reason there). 

This also helps you tell the story around your results. With this Gaggle, by simply increasing their active membership, they increase the likelihood that Activities are completed. When you do that, other metrics rise quickly. 

When faced with limited time or simply trying to do more with less, benchmarking helps you see what your program could be doing better without any new investments. Likewise, if your program is beating the benchmarks, it might be worth exploring another Membership tier. Your Customer Success Manager can help show you what those benchmarks would look like by investing in your program. 


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