How Do I Enable the Google Workspace Single Sign-On Integration?



Using a Single Sign-On integration with Google Workspace allows your Gaggle Managers and Members to leverage a single point of authentication to sign into multiple platforms. This helps Gaggle Managers and Members to only retain one username and password to log into multiple services. It also benefits the company as access can be terminated across multiple services by discontinuing their access to the account used for Single Sign-On.


Let’s learn how to connect GaggleAMP to the Google Workspace dashboard with this integration guide.

Submitting a Request to GaggleAMP

If you want to use Google Workspace as your Single Sign-On provider and you have administrative rights over a Google Workspace account, you’ll first need to contact GaggleAMP support.

  1. Contact GaggleAMP Support via the GaggleAMP application or email In the message, let us know “I would like to enable the Google Workspace integration for my Gaggle.”

  2. GaggleAMP Support will respond with a special link that you or your IT team can use to configure Google Workspace inside GaggleAMP.

to Your Google Workspace Account

You will need to log-on to the Google Workspace Admin console. Once logged in:

  1. Navigate to 'Apps' and then 'Web and mobile apps' in the Google Workspace Admin console

  2. Click on 'Add app' and then 'Add custom SAML app'
  3. Set "GaggleAMP" as the 'App name' and click 'Continue'
  4. Copy the SSO URL, Entity ID, and Certificate, and click 'Continue'
  5. Fill both 'ACS URL' and 'Entity ID' with the value, and click 'Continue'
  6. Optionally, you may want to map values from the Google Directory attributes to the supported 'firstName', 'lastName', and 'email' App attributes, and click 'Finish'





Submit Your Google Workspace Configuration to GaggleAMP

Using the information copied in the previous section, you will need to visit the special link that GaggleAMP Support has provided you and enter the requested values.

Enter the 'Entity ID' on the 'Identity Provider Issuer', the 'SSO URL' on the 'Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL', and the 'Certificate' in the 'X.509 Certificate' fields.




Once entered, select ‘Save configuration’ and you and your team are all ready to start using your GaggleAMP Google Workspace SSO integration.


If you have questions on how to best integrate GaggleAMP to Google Workspace, please speak with your Customer Success Manager and we’d be happy to help you out.

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