What is Single Sign-On and How Can I Use It With GaggleAMP?


Many employers opt to use Single Sign-On to help with securely authenticating multiple applications and websites with a single set of sign-on credentials. You've likely seen this before with your favorite social media network or email account allowing you (or your employees) to access other platforms. 

The key to creating a successful employee advocacy experience is to create a hassle-free, time-saving, smooth experience for your team and Single Sign-On helps with that.

Let’s take a look at how single sign-on works.

What is Single Sign-On?

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a technology used by companies to provide a method for their employees (and other users) to log in to one application and then be automatically signed in to every other application the company uses, regardless of the platform, technology, and domain.

For example, Google uses a Single Sign-On service to allow its customers to sign in to all the different products provided by Google: Search, YouTube, Gmail, etc.. When you visit Google as a user and log in, you are logging in to their central SSO service, called a “Provider,” which then automatically signs you into the product you want to access when you visit that product.

Using Single Sign-On allows you to use the same credentials securely across other applications, too. For example, you've likely seen (or used) single sign-on with your food delivery apps, grocery delivery, shopping apps, and many others.

How Can It Enhance the User-experience of Your Employees?

Single Sign-On enhances the user experience in a number of ways.

Saves Time and Effort

Since users can access a host of different applications with one set of IDs and passwords, they don’t need to create and remember a new login id and password each time. Also, they don’t have to deal with forgotten id or password issues. This means your employees can quickly log into the Employee Advocacy platform without much effort.

Works Across Platforms

SSO works with all browsers and devices alike, making it easier for users to access different websites and apps easily. The same set of credentials works on both website and mobile so your employees have the flexibility to access the platform at their convenience.

It's a Secure Method

With SSO users have to login only once each day using only one set of credentials. This information is only stored with the SSO solution provider which uses extensive security and authentication layers, and not on the multiple websites or app user’s access. Usually, login IDs and passwords on weakly secured websites and apps are the main targets of cybercriminals and hackers, therefore using SSO ensures that user information is protected.

Therefore, employing SSO will make your employees feel valued, save them time, and encourage them to meaningfully participate in your employee advocacy program.

How Can I Use Single Sign-On With GaggleAMP?

GaggleAMP can integrate with your company’s Single Sign-On service to allow Members and Managers to access GaggleAMP automatically, without the need to create a separate password for GaggleAMP. This creates a seamless experience that encourages more Members to join and participate in your Gaggle(s).

GaggleAMP currently supports all SAML 2.0-compatible Single Sign-On data formats. GaggleAMP also integrates with cloud-based identity providers including:

To inquire about integrating your company’s Single Sign-On service with GaggleAMP, please contact your GaggleAMP Customer Success Manager.

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