GaggleAMP Use Cases For Your Human Resources Department


It’s very easy for Human Resources to experience the benefits of employee advocacy. 

The key to involving any department outside of Marketing in your program is aligning the goals of your program with the goals of that department. This is especially true for HR. The good news is this is very easy to do. 

Your HR team has goals around recruiting, retention, and company culture. It wants to externally present your organization as a great place to work and have employees feel valued. Employee advocacy can help them with all these goals in a big way. 

Recruiting With Employee Advocacy

Recruiting is a big initiative for any HR team, but you can easily do this with your employee advocacy program. 

All you have to do is use GaggleAMP to request your employees share your job postings on social media. Simply take a job posting from your website, write a suggested caption for employees to use, and have them share it on any social media platform such as LinkedIn. 


Job postings tend to perform really well in company Gaggles. They are the top source of social media clicks for many companies. Employees like sharing job postings because it’s a way to help people in their networks find their next opportunities, it shows their organization is growing, and they like the engagement they get. 

Have your employee share job postings, have other employees engage with these posts and watch your applicant count skyrocket. 

Glassdoor and Indeed Reviews

To make your organization look better externally, you can request employees in your Gaggle write reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed. 

This will greatly improve your company’s reputation, especially among potential job applicants. Applicants research companies they’re considering working for, which means they’ll visit your company’s Indeed and Glassdoor pages to see the ratings and reviews.

If you improve your Glassdoor and Indeed ratings and reviews, you’ll get more job applicants, which will greatly help HR’s recruiting efforts. 


Voting in Online Polls 

One really handy activity Gaggle Managers can request of employees is voting in online polls. 

This can be a great tool to boost your company’s reputation in a way that helps your HR team. For example, if there is a poll for the best places to work in your industry, your city, etc., you can request your employees vote in this poll. This will give you a big boost over the competition. 

If you get the most votes, your HR team can use this award as a badge of honor and show it off during its recruiting efforts. 

You can also use this activity to give your HR team visibility into your employee population.


Use the Vote activity to have employees vote in an internal survey about what they think about the company. You could have any questions you want in the survey you build for employees, but your Gaggle will alert employees the survey exists and ask them to fill it out. 

Doing this will let HR know what employees like and dislike about the company, where they need to improve, what adjustments they should think about making, and more. 


People who are part of an employee advocacy program have a stronger connection to their organization, which greatly helps your HR department with retention. 

They have a better understanding of the company’s mission and where they fit in the effort to achieve its overall goals. This makes employees feel more valuable and spurs employee engagement. When employees are engaged and have a stronger sense of value, they are more likely to stay at their company long-term. 

Employee advocacy programs are a great way to acknowledge people for the hard work they put in and the contributions they make. If someone goes above and beyond in participating in your Gaggle, you can send out a company-wide message to let employees know what a great job this employee is doing. 

Everyone loves to be acknowledged for their hard work. People who feel appreciated at work are more likely to stay at their company and are less likely to look for other jobs. Why would you look for jobs if you’re happy where you work? 

Show Off Your Company Culture 

Use your Gaggle to show people that your company is a great place to work. 

People in your company like to share posts about their jobs and how proud they are to work there. For example, if an employee is on a work trip and posts a picture of a nice view with your company’s hashtag, such as #LifeAtGaggleAMP, you could have other employees engage with that post. 

If there is a company event where employees take a nice picture together, you could have other employees engage with that post too. Sometimes companies make charitable donations that their employees like. You can have your Gaggle Members share this news and express how proud they are of your company’s philanthropy.  

Showing off your great corporate culture is a great way to boost recruiting and retention, and there are many other examples of ways you could show your culture off. Feel free to be creative. 

Twitter Questions 

Have your employees express their own opinions by asking them questions. 

With GaggleAMP’s Twitter Questions activity, you can ask your employees a question, and whatever their answers are will be their tweets. 

For example, you could have your employees share a job posting on Twitter, and ask your employees, “Why do you like working at this company?” Their answer might be, “I like working here because I really love the people and the culture. It’s just a great place to work.” This answer will be the caption of their tweet of the job posting. 

You could then have employees engage with each other on these tweets. That would go a long way in your recruiting efforts by presenting your company as a great place to work. 

Once your HR team sees how your employee advocacy program benefits them, they will completely buy in and want to help you. They’ll start suggesting posts for you to put in the Gaggle, they’ll curate content for you, and more. Getting other people involved in your program will greatly help in its success. 

Pro-Tip: If you are looking for ideas on how to use the ‘Post a Question’ Activity with GaggleAMP, check out this handy resource. It provides prompts you can incorporate into your promotion of an event, crowdsourcing employee feedback, asking for user-generated content, and so much more!


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