Using AI-Powered Paraphrase for Members in GaggleAMP


We're thrilled to announce the launch of an innovative new feature called AI-Powered Paraphrase for our Gaggle Members. This functionality leverages OpenAI’s powerful algorithms to transform how you engage with LinkedIn Share Activities.

AI-Powered Paraphrase for Members will minimize instances of multiple users sharing the same exact content, ensuring your employees' shares offer a fresh and unique perspective for their networks.

AI-Powered Paraphrase for Members is an add-on feature that is now available to all Gaggles. It specifically caters to LinkedIn Share Activities, enabling you to make the most out of your networking and sharing experiences.

Using AI-Powered Paraphrase for Members

📍 Important Note: This feature is only available to Gaggles that have opted-in to our AI-Powered Paraphrase for Members module in the Gaggle. If you are interested in having this functionality available in your Gaggle, please contact your Customer Success Manager or open a support ticket.


When your Gaggle has access to the AI-Powered Paraphrase feature, Gaggle Managers have the exclusive ability to enable Member-driven, AI-paraphrasing for any LinkedIn Share activity. This means when your Members receive a LinkedIn Share Activity, they can choose to use our AI tools to get the new text before the LinkedIn Share Activity is completed.

To enable this feature on an Activity, simply check the box next to the “Enable Member AI-Paraphrasing” configuration option when creating the Activity.


For the Member, when they receive the Activity, they will now have an orange ‘AI-Powered Paraphrase’ button on the Activity. 


Selecting this button will open a slide-over. From that slide-over, a Gaggle Member can click the ‘AI-Powered Paraphrase’ button as much as they choose before settling on the text they want to share and either completing the Activity or scheduling it for a later date.

AI-Powered Paraphrase.gif

📍 Note: There is a character count restriction of roughly 900 characters for both the input and the output. The AI-Powered Paraphrase option for Managers will be disabled when the character count exceeds 900.


It's important to note that any text edited via the AI-Powered Paraphrase feature will be treated in the same way as manually edited text. We ensure that your content's integrity and relevance remain intact, regardless of the editing method used, but it might require some additional formatting to meet the needs of the Gaggle Member.

With the power of AI at your disposal, you can enjoy unique and engaging content shared with your network with ease.

If your Gaggle doesn’t have access to these features yet, please speak with your Customer Success Manager.

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