How to Curate Content Using ‘Social Pub’


The ‘Social Pub’ module allows Gaggle Managers to create, coordinate and publish social media posts across multiple social media channels, and then promote that content through employees all within GaggleAMP. This saves Gaggle Managers the hassle and time of going to multiple platforms to manage and execute their social media strategy and employee advocacy program. 

‘Social Pub’ is a paid subscription module. If you are interested in your organization having access to our ‘Social Pub’ tool, contact your Customer Success Manager or open a support ticket.

How to ‘Create New Content’ using ‘Social Pub’?

Select ‘Create New Content’ under ‘Social Pub’ on your top navigation bar.


On the ‘Create New Content’ page you will see the ‘Create Content’ section first. 


Here you can:

  1. Create Message Text: You can curate the message and add links to the content you would like to publish on your social media pages in this box.
    Note: ‘Social Pub’ can currently publish content on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
  2. Check Character Limit: This section shows whether your post meets the character limit for the platforms you are planning to publish your content. For example, the limit for Twitter posts is 280 characters, so if your message contains 300 characters you will see -20 next to the Twitter logo.
  3. Preview Posts: Once you have typed your message and added the URL you can click on Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook to preview how your post will look when it is published.
  4. Enable/Disable URL Shortener: The link shortener is automatically turned on if you have chosen to ​​convert URLs in to short URLs in your ‘Gaggle Settings’. However, you can choose to turn this off for certain posts by clicking on ‘Shorten URLs Enabled’ here.
  5. Upload media: Here you can upload a new image or video to be shared alongside your content instead of the image that is automatically generated with the link.
    Note: Photos can be jpg or png and up to 10MB in size, and videos need to be MP4, size 200MB or less, or a maximum of 1800 seconds long.

Next, under ’Publish Content To’  you can choose the social media pages you want to publish your content on or add a new publishing location.

Note: You can only publish to business pages using ‘Social Pub’.


When you click on ‘Publish to’ a drop-down menu will appear with a list of connected business pages. Use the checkbox next to the name of the page to select it.


If you do not see a page that you want to post on, click on ‘Add Publishing Location’ to add the page.

Note: You need to have admin rights to the page you want to add here.

A sidebar will appear where you can click on ‘Add’ to connect a new platform or remove an existing one. Once you click ‘Add’ you will be taken to the platform on which the page you are trying to add exists, to authorize the connection.


Once you have selected the pages you want to post on, you will see their names appear under ‘Publish to.'


After this, you can ‘Schedule Content.’


Here you can choose to:

  1. Publish All Immediately: This option will publish your content on all chosen social media pages in the ‘Publish Content To’ section immediately.
  2. Schedule All: If you choose ‘Select All’ to schedule your content for a later time, you will have the option to choose from a suggested time or set your own date and time to publish.


If you want to create Gaggle Activities to get engagement on the social media posts you are publishing/scheduling, you can do it through the ‘Create Follow-Up Activities’ section.


Once you enable this option you will see the list of pages you have chosen to publish the content on. Click on the page and you will see a list of available activities that you can create for your post. 

  • Facebook: The available choices are ‘Comment,’ ‘Like,’ and ‘Share.’
  • LinkedIn: The available choices are ‘React,’ ‘Re-Share,’ and ‘Comment.’
  • Twitter: The available choices are ‘Like’ or ‘Retweet.’


Once you have chosen the type of activity you want to create for the post, you can set the activity configuration. Here you can:

  1. Post to Channel(s): Select the Channel(s) you want to send the activity to.
  2. Post to Group(s): Select the Group(s) you want to send the activity to.
  3. Select Campaign(s): Select the Campaign(s) you want to attribute this activity to.
  4. Points: Just like creating a new activity manually, you can assign 5, 10, or 15 points to be credited to any Member completing each Activity. 
  5. Feature Activity: Enabling this will feature the activity on top of your Member’s list to complete.
  6. Schedule Activity: You can choose when each automatically created Activity is sent to the Gaggle. You can select 'immediately after the content is published' or a specific time each day. The default is for the Activity to be created immediately after the content is sourced. Choosing the timed option will allow the Gaggle Manager to select from 30 different options: starting from one hour after the post is published to 7 days.
  7. Set Activity Expiration: Defaulting to 7 days, you can identify how many days you want each Activity to remain available to your Members ranging between 1-11 days.


At the bottom of the page, you will now see the options to ‘Schedule Content & Create Follow-Up Activities’ to schedule the content for publishing or ‘Save Draft’ to review the content later. If you have chosen not to create any ‘Follow-Up Activity’ then you will only see the option as ‘Schedule Content.'


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