How do I prove ROI with GaggleAMP?

This article refers to GaggleAMP Classic, a deprecated version of the platform. If you're looking for articles for newer versions of the platform, please refer to the Member FAQs section.

Proving ROI on marketing and social media initiatives is a requirement of running any program. If you are having trouble proving the ROI of GaggleAMP, try some of these Gaggle Manager created tips:

  • GaggleAMP ROI Calculator

    • In your Manager Dashboard is our ROI Calculator. This tool allows you to input and compare what you are saving on paid social advertising with your earned social advertising, or what you are saving by using GaggleAMP.

    • If you have any questions about how the calculator works please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

  • Marketing Automation Tracking

    • GaggleAMP offers multiple marketing automation integrations that allow you to track exactly what is entering the top of your marketing lead funnel via GaggleAMP Member activity.

    • This will allow you to see exactly what leads you are generating from your employees’ efforts.

  • Customer Success Goal Alignment

    • Aligning your personal, social media, marketing, and company goals with your GaggleAMP efforts is a proven indicator of a successful employee advocacy program.

    • Our Customer Success Team is experienced working with employee advocacy programs to help marketing departments far exceed their quarterly and yearly goals.

      • To set up a meeting with your Customer Success Manager to review your goals and set up a success plan please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact our Support Team.

These are all proven methods we have picked up from Gaggle Managers similar to you. As always, for the most up to date best practices and assistance please contact your Customer Success Manager or email

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