How Can Managers Track Contributors in Their Community?


As a Gaggle Manager, you can track all conversations happening in your Community Module and track which members are contributing the most to these conversations. 

To find out which members are contributing the most to Conversations in your Gaggle, go to the ‘Contributors’ section under Community.


Once you’re on the Contributors page, you will see:

  1. Name - Here you will find names of all your Gaggle Members.
  2. Posts - The total number of Conversations created by this Member.
  3. Shares To - Here you can see if this member has shared any Conversations on their personal social media networks along with the total number of Conversations shared on GaggleAMP.
  4. Last Post Date - When was the last time a member created a post. 
  5. Top Channels - The top three channels this member is creating conversations in.
  6. Engagement by Post - How much engagement does this Member receive from Conversations.


As a Manager you can also sort the list of contributors by:


  • Top Contributor by Engagement
  • Top Contributor by Posts

And you can filter the list of contributors by:


Filter the Conversations to a particular Channel



Filter the Conversation to a particular Group


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