Starting Conversations as a Member in the Community Module


What are ‘Conversations’?

A Conversation is any content that members create and share within the ‘Community’ module, having an audience no broader than other users from the same Gaggle. It can be anything from posting a link to an interesting article, sharing an idea for discussion, photos/videos from a recent event/conference etc. 

When creating conversations, Members can optionally share it externally on their personal social media directly, and also recommend it to the Gaggle Managers for creating an Activity.

How Can Members Start a Conversation?


From the Members dashboard, go to ‘Community’. Here they can start a conversation by either clicking on ‘Start a Conversation’ button on top right or at the top of the content feed.


Note: If your company has not subscribed to the Community module, it will not be available in your navigation. If you are interested in having the Community module added to your Gaggle, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

If a member clicks on the ‘Start a Conversation’ button on top right a slider will appear or if they click at ‘Start a Conversation’ on the top of the content feed a box will appear. Both will give them the same options.


Member Options

  1. Message - Simply type the message they want to share. 
  2. Recommend to Managers - Populating this checkbox will flag the conversation as great material to use in an Activity.  As such, it will be available to Managers on their ‘Member Ideas’ page. 
  3. Add Media - Share Images upto 10MB in size, Videos upto 200MB in size, or links to external content such as online articles, LinkedIn posts, Twitter posts, Videos etc. by copying and pasting the link.
  4. Post on Personal Social Accounts - If members have their Twitter and/or Twitter accounts linked to their Gaggle profile, here they can also post this conversation directly on their social media profiles as original content.
  5. Post to Specific Channels - Members can choose to only post this conversation to specific Channels. 
    1. If they leave this field blank, all Members in the community will receive this conversation.
    2. If you select specific Channels, only followers of those channels will receive this conversation if the channel is private.


Once started the conversation will appear on the ’Community’ feed. If a member has chosen certain channels to post this, it will only appear in the feed of members in those channels, if the channels are private.


Conversation Filters 

Members can use the filter widget on the left side of their screen to view the Conversations they want.



Members can filter the Conversations on the basis of:

  • Date Created - Here the Members can choose to filter the Conversations to last 30 days, last 12 months, or choose a customized date range. 
  • Channels - Members can choose to view Conversations only in certain Channels.
  • Authors - Members can also view Conversations by certain authors that may interest them.

They can also sort the Conversations in ascending V or descending Λ order of:

  • Date Created 
  • Comment Count 
  • Likes Count

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