New GaggleAMP Member Experience

This article refers to GaggleAMP Classic, a deprecated version of the platform. If you're looking for articles for newer versions of the platform, please refer to the GaggleAMP Members section.

For a select number of Gaggles, we’re excited to bring you the latest GaggleAMP Member experience and look forward to your feedback!  You'll notice our updated UI holds all the features and functionality you're familiar with, as well as some exciting new ones. See "What's New" below by clicking here.   


What’s Changed?


Viewing and Performing New Activities

Your Manager creates Activities for you to view and perform. Using the Classic interface, you could view and perform an Activity via the Member Home screen. In the new interface, you can find the list of available activities by clicking the “Activities” submenu option beneath either the “My Feed” or “Discover” primary menu options.





Viewing Past Activities

Are you interested in reviewing Activities you refused or completed in the past? In the old interface, that list was available under the “My Activity” tab. With the new interface, you can find the same list by clicking “My Feed” then “Activity Log”.





Scheduling Activities

Scheduling Activities allows you to take action now, but execute the Activity at a later, schedule time. This feature is helpful when you wish to stagger actions from your social accounts or launch the Activity at an ideal time. You can reach this feature on the old and new interfaces by clicking the “Scheduler” primary menu tab.






Linking and Unlinking your Social Network Accounts to your Gaggle Account

Before you perform any Activities for a Social Network, you must have an account for that platform linked to your GaggleAMP account. Conversely, you may want to unlink your social network profile from your GaggleAMP account. Both of these actions can be accomplished in the new interface by clicking on the settings gear at the top of the Social Accounts widget, which is found in the scrollable left-hand component found under My Feed → Activities, and Discover → Activities.







Muting Activities from Certain Social Networks so they don't appear in your Activity Feed

The “Mute Activities” feature hides all Activities from selected social networks from your Activity Feed. The old interface kept this feature under user settings. The new tool lets you mute Activities directly from within the Social Accounts widget found in the Activities submenu option beneath either the My Feed or Discover primary menu options.






What’s New?


A key new feature in the release is the ability for you to create internal Posts and share them exclusively with your Gaggle community! Post are a great way to internally share your experiences, demonstrate your subject matter expertise, seek and receive feedback, and many other benefits of a social platform. Click here to learn more about Posts.


Are you overwhelmed by Posts and content that doesn’t belong to you? Are you tired of taking time to sift through Posts and content to find the few things that are of interest? Then Channels are the answer! Channels allow for the grouping of topics and people. Your Manager will create Activities and optionally send them to one or more Channels. Subscribe to Channels created by others. Create Channels on topics you enjoy, make them public or make them private. Subscribing means you'll never miss a chance to share some great content relevant to you and your larger social network.  You are in control! Click here to learn more about Channels.

Usability Enhancements

In addition to new features, we’ve completely re-designed the app to provide a cleaner, refreshing experience. We’ve reconsidered our approach on the most commonly requested actions - such as muting activities for specific networks - while retaining the convenience of the app, such as the ability to schedule activities. On mobile, we’ve leveraged the device actions such as swipe to accept or reject an activity. And more!


📣 We Need Your Feedback!

We hope this latest release demonstrates our commitment to improving your experience. Help us take it further by providing your feedback with any issues or errors you encounter. Or, use the same link just to let us know what you think.

On mobile, shake your device. A form will appear that allows you to attach a screenshot and capture your comments.

On desktop, click the question mark in the upper right of the header and select ‘Contact Us’




Is there a mobile app with the new user experience?

Yes! Navigate to the following links on your mobile device to download the Beta mobile apps:



Do I need to remove my existing GaggleAMP mobile app when I download the beta app?

No. You can have both apps on your device at the same time and use either. Actions you take on activities will sync between the two apps.

I’m a Gaggle Manager, what changes are available for me?

At this time we’re only releasing updated Member features. Don’t worry though, we’re working feverishly to deliver an improved Manager experience. We’ll communicate more on that as we make more progress on it.

I don't see a new Member experience. How do I access it?

The availability of the new Member experience is limited to a select few Gaggles at this time. We will continue to roll it out to more Gaggles over the upcoming months.

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