Manager Post User Generated Content to Gaggle

This article refers to GaggleAMP Classic, a deprecated version of the platform. If you're looking for articles for newer versions of the platform, please refer to the Manager FAQs section.

All Gaggle Members have the ability to contribute content for their Gaggle Manager to share. This is called User Generated Content and it can be quickly and easily shared to a Gaggles social channels following these steps.

Sharing User Generated Content to Social Media

1. To access User Generated Content on the Manager UGC Dashboard scroll past “Post Performance - At a Glance” on your welcome screen to the Post section.From here, you can toggle your posts to either show you the most popular posts or the most recent posts. 


Find user generated posts in the posts section of the Manager UGC Dashboard


2. Once you have identified a message you want to share, click on the three small dots under ‘Actions’ to bring open the menu to ‘Create Activity” or ‘Delete Post.” 


Once you have clicked on ‘Create Activity,” a slider will open on right side of your dashboard. 


3. From here you will see a link preview of the post you want to share. Here you will determine what Gaggle you want to share the message and social network you want this to post. Here is an example of that post going to the GaggleAMP gaggle, tagged to our Boston Office team, on the social network LinkedIn.


4. Next, scroll down to see additional Activity Options.


From here, the Gaggle Manager should complete the Activity Options.

Gaggle Managers are also able to set points from this view for gamification, identify campaigns, and set time limits for sharing.

5. Once you are ready to make the post available to Members, simply click “Add” in the lower right hand corner.


You can also create an activity from a user generated post within the Member view by clicking on the duck icon on your 'My Feed' or 'Discover' sections of the desktop or in the mobile app, tap on the options  (...) button on any post and tap 'Gaggle'.


On desktop, within the Member View in either My Feed or Discover sections, click on the 'duck' icon on any post


On mobile, within the Member View in either My Feed or Discover sections, tap the three ellipses (...)' icon on any post

If you have any additional questions about sharing User Generated Content, please reach out to your GaggleAMP Customer Success Manager.

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