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This article refers to GaggleAMP Classic, a deprecated version of the platform. If you're looking for articles for newer versions of the platform, please refer to the GaggleAMP Members section.

Members can contribute content by creating a Post. Posts can contain text, a link, and an image or a video. Members can choose which network(s) to share the post on. For initial release, this includes, the GaggleAMP app (default), Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Making it easy for Members to provide content makes it more likely they will contribute and increases the volume of relevant content Managers can share.

👍 The GaggleAMP app makes it easy to create content once and share it on multiple networks. This avoids having to copy the content, visit multiple network sites, and pasting it.

Why would a Member create a post?

There are a number of reasons a member may want to share content with her team: to share an event experience, to provide an opinion on published content, etc.

At an event. Members may attend a company event or a conference to further learning and networking in their area of expertise. It’s fun sharing the moments when they meet with customers, partners, and other people with the same interests. Using the GaggleAMP app makes it easy for the Member to share with her team and extended network.

Provide opinions on published content. As good digital citizens, we frequently consume online content to deepen our knowledge of a subject or to stay on top of the latest trends. The GaggleAMP app makes it easy for Members to refer to this content and provide their own perspective, opinion, or otherwise.

These are only a couple, common use cases. Posts are a blank slate for any type of sharing allowing Members to be creative!

👍 Posting content in the GaggleAMP app provides a ‘walled garden’ that allows members to feel comfortable sharing knowledge without concern about saying the wrong thing in a public network.

Creating a post

If at the top of a Posts page, click within the ‘Create Post’ box, add a message, and click the ‘Create Post’ button. Add an image or video by dropping it into the upload box or clicking within the box to select the file on your computer.


If you have scrolled past the top of the page, create a post by clicking the ‘Create Post’ button in the upper right of the window.


In the ‘Create Post’ slide-over, add a message and a photo or video (optional) and click on the ‘Create Post’ button. A message must be included before the ‘Create Post’ button becomes active.



1. On any view that is not related to Activities, tap on the ‘+’ button in the lower right.


2. Select the type of post

  • Share a photo or video - your camera will automatically open where you can take a photo or shoot a video or choose something from your phone’s media library
  • Share thoughts - a text-only post. This option is good when the user does not want the camera to be the first thing to open when creating a post.
  • Share link - this posting process begins by collecting a URL and displaying a preview of it. Users can add their own comments to help others understand why it is being shared.

3. Add a message (required)

4. After dismissing the keyboard (tap ‘Done’), tap the right arrow button to submit the post.



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