New Facebook and LinkedIn Activities Added in September!


GaggleAMP has three new activities this month focused on commenting on or sharing posts that are already active on social media. These three new activities include:

  • Facebook Comment
  • LinkedIn Comment
  • LinkedIn (Re-) Share Post

These new activities allow Gaggle Managers to drive conversation and increased reach for any post that already exists on a network. Common examples of this would be posts on your corporate pages, third party industry content, or social posts created by your partners.


Commenting on a Facebook or LinkedIn post


To create either comment activity, you will simply need the URL to the individual post on Facebook or LinkedIn. When the Members engage with the activity in their Member Dashboard, they will be brought to the post where they can leave a comment.


Sharing a post on LinkedIn


To create the “Share Post” activity on LinkedIn you will need the URL to the specific post on LinkedIn. When the Member performs the activity on their Member Dashboard, they will be directed to the designated LinkedIn post where they can they complete the activity by clicking ‘Share’.

Below is an example of how the activity will appear on LinkedIn once the Member has completed the share. Members will also have the opportunity to add their own text when sharing this post.


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