Sharing Recommended Text to Facebook

This article refers to GaggleAMP Classic, a deprecated version of the platform. If you're looking for articles for newer versions of the platform, please refer to the Member FAQs section.

Sometimes when sharing Facebook content from GaggleAMP, you will notice that your Gaggle Manager has suggested text for you to share with the post. This text is designed by the Manager for you to include in your post, or to be used as a helpful guideline for what you should be sharing. 

How To Share Recommended Text

If your Gaggle Manager has supplied a recommended message for a Facebook post you will be notified after you click "Share To Facebook". The screenshot below is an example of how this notification will look on your Member Dashboard.


If you would like to include the recommended message in your Facebook post, simply click the green "Continue with suggested text" button. This will automatically copy the text to your clipboard and bring you to the standard Facebook sharing page.

Once you are on the Facebook sharing page, simply click "Command + V" on a Mac or "Ctrl+V" on a PC. This will paste the recommended message in the Facebook share window and allow you to include it in your post.


Once you have pasted the message and made any additional edits, you can now share the post directly to your Facebook timeline by clicking the 'Post to Facebook' button. 

If you have any additional questions about using recommended text, please reach out to

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