Social Publishing: Reviewing Your Gaggle Performance With Your Pub Dashboard


Note: Social publishing is a paid add-on module. If you are interested in the social publishing module, please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

You get the daily grind as someone managing your company's social media and employee advocacy campaigns. If your desktop is anything like mine, you have multiple tabs open to toggle between social networks, your publishing platform, GaggleAMP for employee advocacy, and, if we’re being honest, something is playing a video. You have no idea which tab is the offender but then again, such is life.

There is an easier way to help streamline some of those efforts—manage your social publishing and employee advocacy efforts right in GaggleAMP and review your analytics all on our social pub dashboard. Does this sound like a time-saver to you?

Cue the music…

Locating Your Pub Dashboard

When you log into your GaggleAMP dashboard, you are greeted with your Manager Dashboard, which speaks directly to all things related to your employee advocacy campaign, but what about your social publishing campaign? Simply select ‘Dashboard’ from the ‘Social Pub’ tab.


Reading Your Social Pub Dashboard

The social pub dashboard gives you a snapshot of your overall Gaggle performance and is separated into two sections: 7-day Snapshot and ‘Pending Content Drafts.’

7-Day Snapshot


The 7-day Snapshot is exactly as it sounds, a running 7-day look at the details of your social publishing efforts. It is laid out into five main sections:

  • Pieces of Unique Content - Indicates the number of content records created in the last 7 days. This number will include any content that has been published or has been scheduled as well as any content that remains in draft.
  • Social Media Posts Created - This is the number of social media posts published in the last 7 days. Selecting the button for ‘View Publishing Log’ will bring up a record of those published posts.
    The publishing log will retain the history of the status (published, draft, canceled, or authentication fail), the date it was published, and any specific stats associated with that share, including comments, reactions, reshares, impressions, and clicks.
    If the status indicates that the post has been published, you can also select the drop-down to see what pages it was shared to and drill down to the stats per page. 
  • Content Interactions - The sum of all likes, reactions, comments, reshares, and retweets earned by the published content only. 
  • Follow-up Activities Created - When a Gaggle Manager creates a social pub activity and optionally chooses to follow up that publishing activity with employee advocacy activities, these are considered a ‘follow-up activity.’ The count you see here is the total number of follow-up activities created from social publishing activities. Selecting the ‘Activity Log’ brings up the history of all follow-up Activities that have been created for both your social publishing efforts and your employee advocacy program. 
  • Follow-up Activities Performed - Each follow-up Activity on the Activities list can be performed by an employee advocate, but it helps to know of all the Activities you created, how many are completed. This number can tell you that.

Pending Content Drafts

Half of the battle with social media content curation is getting it all curated and, if you’re lucky, giving yourself some breathing room on content curation. The Pending Content Drafts help with this.


Pending content drafts will always display the date the content was saved and who saved it alongside the content text and any media you have included in the post. When this content is created and saved as a draft, it culminates here until you are ready to use or edit the post. 

To schedule the post, simply select the three dots on the far right side of the post and select ‘edit.’ Alternatively, if you find you no longer have a need for a post, you can delete it from this area. 


Selecting ‘Edit’ will bring up the ‘Create Content’ section of the social publishing platform. From here you can make any edits you see fit, including scheduling the content for a future or immediate date as well as creating follow-up activities for your employee advocacy efforts.

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